‘I am a very much hands-on-parent’r

She was a rising star when she grabbed headlines for adopting two gorgeous girls. However, she later had two children of her own - Raasha and Ranbirvardhan! Wondering who we are talking about? Yes, we were lucky enough to catch up with the gorgeous Raveena Tandon and the mommy was warm, friendly and kind enough to open up about motherhood, her boys, her parenting tricks and much more.

Read on to find out what Raveena is like on the other side of the screen!

On flaunting the pregnancy bump

She might have grooved to the tunes of ‘tip tip barsa paani’, wearing a skimpy yellow saree, but Raveena chose to play it low when it came to pregnancy and motherhood. Unlike other B-town women who stayed in the limelight, walked the ramp and even posed for magazines, flaunting their baby bump, Raveena chose to keep her pregnancy private and confidential.

“It is every star’s individual decision to show off or hide, I don’t want to pass any judgments. Each one is free to do what they want. I didn’t do it then. And I probably won’t do it now. It is something I’ve never done. Pregnancy to me is a very private thing,” says the actress.

Raveena also admits that even if she was pregnant in today’s time and date, she still would not be comfortable gracing magazine covers or walking ramps.

“I mean I never showed too much then (on the silver screen) where is the question of doing it now? It’s just not me”

The mother-son bond

A lot has been said and heard about the very famous bond between mothers and sons. Like most of us, Raveena too does a whole lot of crazy things with her son. After all, there’s a lot you can do with daughters and not with sons!

“There are so many things you can do with your daughter, but much fewer things one can do with sons. I play cricket with Ranbir, then again I can’t play football”, she admits with a smile!

Being a hands- on mommy

Acting aside, the gorgeous lady is a doting mommy to her two sons and leaves no stone unturned to be hands-on! From chauffeuring them to tuitions to discovering new restaurants and holidaying together, this yummy mommy is simply hands-on in anything and everything.

“I go for their classes like maths, really I do. And we do concerts, go travelling, discover restaurants, shopping, holidaying. I love historical places so my kids love them too.  We do museums (including the Museums in Mumbai), Planetarium (Nehru, in Mumbai), watching National Geographic, Animal Planet together. So yes I am a very much hands-on-parent.”

Anil’s role in parenting

Like most other homes, Raveena is the boss in her den too! With Anil being away most of the times, Raveena takes full charge of the home, kids, and their studies. And the actress also proudly admits that her kids are acing it in school!

My share is a bit more because I take up their studies as well. So they are always on top with respect to their grades at school (Dhirubhai Ambani International School).They are acing and are doing brilliantly.

Family time

Name and fame do not stop this celebrity family from being normal people. From holidaying together to celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, Raveena and Anil leave no stone unturned to make their kids feel loved and special.

“For my daughter’s 12th birthday we went shopping in New York. Just us! It was terrific. She bought the usual shoes and clothes. It was snowing in New York, so was lovely to behold. We even went to the Justin Beiber concert”, she chuckles!

There are no perfect parents, only real ones.
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