‘I am a better mother after I travel and come back!’ – Malini Gowrishankar

An entrepreneur, a voiceover artist, and a loving mother to her son, Malini Gowrishankar has donned several hats. An electronics and communication engineer by profession, Malini bid adieu to the technological world only to follow her dreams in the travel industry.

And the result of all that was F5 Escapes, a travel company that organises innovative, fun and secure holidays for women, in a hope to make travel main stream.

Over to the brain behind F5 Escapes, Malini Gowrishankar!

The birth of F5 Escapes

An electronics and communications engineer, Malini always had an undying passion for travel. And hailing from a country where travelling alone was unsafe, she worked towards redefining the concept and the mindset of the people. That was how F5 Escapes was born.

Juggling work and home

Being an entrepreneur, a voice over artist, a creative writer, and a mother is no easy task, but Malini juggles it all seamlessly. A typical day in the life of this entrepreneur starts at 5-5:30. After this, she puts on those skates and is seen skating through various roles, with a big, broad smile. However, like anyone else, this mommy has her bad days too and on those days she resorts to the Pomodoro technique (A technique where one works in blocks of time. Concentrate for 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break) to get her work done.

“I don’t boss around. Ownership and passion are two things I believe that will help you taste success”

On travelling with her son

A passionate traveller, Malini proudly admits that she has travelled quite a bit. Not just that, the mommy has also involved her son in her travel plans, even if it meant him missing school. As a mother, she feels kids become better people (just like adults) when they travel. Confidence, responsibility and being humble are some of the lessons travelling teach kids.

“It is important to leave children on a loose leash. My son has been travelling from when he was 2 years old and I see the good it’s done to him.”

Challenges as a single parent

Unlike what you might expect, Malini admits that being a single parent has made her stronger.

“Once you face adversities, you derive a peculiar strength and rise up to the situation.”

Challenges as a female entrepreneur

Gender stereotyping is a thing that sadly prevails in our country even today. However, this superwoman laughs it off and does not let it affect her work in any way.

“Men are taken more seriously in business and this can be eradicated only if we see more women entrepreneurs fill the space.”

On raising a feminist son

Being a woman entrepreneur and a mother of a 10-year-old boy, this mommy is already into teaching her son the subtle aspects of feminism. Men are often associated with words like strong and powerful, while women take the milder ones like weak and soft. However, Malini’s parenting has the right mix of both, and she believes that is the secret to raising a feminist son.

“I subtly teach my son to be strong and empathetic. I feel both of these qualities are essential to raising a feminist.”

One piece of advice for moms of boys

Lastly, raising a feminist son, this is what Malini has to say to other boy moms:

“Raise your sons to be more empathetic. Emotional intelligence is as important as academics!”

There are no perfect parents, only real ones.
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