‘I always tease him and call myself a single parent’ – Prithi Ashwin

Cricket is considered a religion in India and we sure are mighty proud of our team. However, just like our Bollywood celebs, cricketers too have their own personal life and this is often kept under the wraps. The newspapers and TV channels do scream in happiness and excitement when a cricketer welcomes fatherhood, but what about the woman behind him?

Today, cricketers’ wives are as wanted and famous and in fact, new moms do look forward to reading about them. One such young and happening mommy who has taken the social media by storm with her ‘awwdorable’ munchkins is Prithi Narayanan.

Married to cricketer Ashwin Ravichandran -- he’s the fastest cricketer to get to 250 wickets and only the third Indian to win the coveted ICC Cricketer of the year award--, Prithi Narayanan is the newest name on every mother’s tongue. Well, why not? A pillar of support to her ever-busy husband and a doting mommy to her babies, Prithi is anything and everything one can think of!

In an exclusive interview with Zenparent, Prithi spills the beans about motherhood, her babies, her in-laws and much more!

On being a celebrity mother

Unlike most other celebrity moms who enjoy paparazzi, Prithi goes through the grind just like any other mom. The celebrity tag does not influence her in any way and in fact, she even gets a little agitated when strangers click pictures of her babies, without her permission.

I don’t really think about the ‘celebrity’ tag. I go through the grind like any other mother.  

On travelling with kids

Being a cricketer’s wife, Prithi is travelling almost every month and we were surprised how the mommy of two, managed it all so well.  However, like any other mom, Prithi also has a tough time handling two kids, who are so close together and need her attention almost 24/7. The only trick this mommy swears by is to pick an early morning flight so that her kids are asleep during the journey and are well rested when they land at the destination.

On how motherhood has changed her

We asked this one and her answer was both hilarious and honest all at the same time.

I can’t sleep anymore!

On her favourite cricket destination

Prithi’s first trip with her babies was for a test match that happened at Dharamsala. She recollects how it was a ‘test’ for her too, with her babies. The trip tested her patience and also taught her that babies have very low tolerance for long hours on winding roads. On a serious note, Prithi truly enjoyed watching cricket against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Australia and England are her second favourites.

It was my first trip with two babies and was a true test for me too. On a serious note, that was one match with a scenic view!

On Ashwin’s role as a father

We all know Ashwin’s talent when it comes to cricket. However, how hands-on he was when it came to being a parent was one thing that we were curious about. Prithi admits that Ashwin is a hands-on daddy, at least when he is at home. And daddy dearest is especially good with his little girl Akhira!

He is very good with the girls. He really misses home a lot more now when he is away on long tours. Thankfully, technology has made it a lot easier for us to connect and talk.

On Ashwin’s sporadic travel

Considering Ashwin’s choc-o-block schedule, most of the times Prithi ends up shouldering all the responsibilities. Well, handling two babies is no easy task, we must admit. On a lighter note, Prithi calls herself a single parent. However, the fact that her husband plays for the country surpasses all other emotions and that Ashwin is hands-on when he is around, keeps this happy mommy up and about! That said, Prithi took the time to plan her pregnancy and admits that Nature has been very kind to her.

I took my time to have my children and Nature is very kind, we are built to nurture and care for what is ours physically and emotionally, irrespective of challenging circumstances.    

On her love for cricket

Cricket obsession did not happen after she met Ashwin, admits Prithi. Ashwin and Prithi were schoolmates, but even as a kid, Prithi enjoyed watching cricket. Well, little did she know that this game would change her life, all for the good!

One thing she hates about motherhood

Prithi admits there is nothing about motherhood that puts her off. However, the stigma attached to moms and pregnancy is something she has never been able to understand. She further adds that there is no right or wrong when it comes to motherhood and parenting and that every mom goes by her intuition.

Are you pregnant? Should you show off your bump? Are you breastfeeding? Are you lazy hence bottle-feeding? There is no right or wrong way. It will be good if mothers are told to be intuitive about caring for newborns.

Her support system

Having two kids so close together is no easy task, especially when the husband man is away from home most of the time. However, Prithi does it all with a big, broad smile and she gladly credits her in-laws and her parents for the uninhibited support they have extended.

Both sets of parents are a huge support system and I can’t be more thankful for them!

On how she manages babies so close together

1. I started preparing my first child about the arrival of another baby. I had to put it across by showing her a doll because she was too young to understand. This made sure that she wasn’t scared when baby#2 arrived.

2. Try your best to match their schedules. This is close to impossible and I am still working on it. You want your babies to nap at the same time so that you get some time off. This will also prevent one from getting curious about what the other is up to.

3. Make sure you spend a lot of time with your older child. I mean A LOT. It’s very easy to spend time with your new born because you will be nursing, bathing or holding the baby. Make that time for your first born. This prevents issues of insecurity and encourages better acceptance of the new born.

On how she manages to get some ‘me’ time

Amidst the chaotic schedules, finding ‘me’ time often becomes close to impossible for new moms. However, with both her pregnancies, Prithi realised that the initial few months after having a baby just fly by. New-mums have crazy hormonal swings and having a wailing baby in your arms is just not a solution.

Prithi made sure she took short walks right after her delivery. Those 15 minutes of ‘me’ time helped her emotionally. That said, these days, Prithi ensures she gets at least an hour for herself. She spends her me time listening to music with a hot cuppa, trains in the gym or watches her favourite show.

There are no perfect parents, only real ones.
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