How you know that you’re parenting a strong willed child

How you know that you're parenting a strong willed child

I have a cousin. She's three years old now. When she was just one-and-a-half, my mother called her bajari - headstrong in Kannada. Every morning, when her mother took out the car to drop her brother to school, she insisted on climbing into the car herself, climbing down and then climbing up at least three times. Most mothers would've lost patience with that. But Tara's mother understood the necessity of letting her daughter use her muscles. As a result, Tara learnt her movements all on her own.


1.They want to learn for themselves

Headstrong children may be troublesome but they're also eager beavers when it comes to helping out. They may struggle to take direction at times, but their passion means that they're very enthusiastic. 



2. They don't like being pulled away from things

When strong-willed kids are doing something, they're giving it their all. That's why it can be hard for them when they're asked to put it aside for a moment and do something else. But look at it this way: that determination will serve them well in later life. 

3. They have thoughts on pretty much everything

These are the kids who won't wear a dress on it if it has too many buttons. While that can be annoying for you, it's good for them. Research shows that kids who are stubborn and sure of themselves are more likely to be successful and make more money.


4. They have a strong sense of right/wrong

If your headstrong child thinks that something’s unfair, they will do their best to avoid doing it, even if that means locking horns with you. Again, this conviction and strength-of-mind will help them to stand up for themselves as adults.

5. They're not afraid to be different

While all kids are susceptible to peer pressure in their teen years, young headstrong kids rarely care what their schoolmates' think – or what you think, for that matter. But this is good. It means they're confident and can think for themselves, after all. 


6. They drain you during arguments

If your response to 'why?' isn't convincing, headstrong kids will pull you up on it, even if it means devoting half an hour to talking it out. They could make good lawyers, some day…

7. They want to make all the decisions

Reckon you're in charge because you're the grown-up? Well, your little one doesn't. It's not that they don't respect you, though. It's just that they want to express themselves. They're not the wallflower types, and that's a good thing for their future. 


8. They're stubborn and particular

Sure, it's annoying that they feel the need to melt down over the slightest change, or the smallest little problem, but this unwavering self-assurance will ensure they don't get walked all over down the line. 


9. They push and push and push

All kids test the boundaries, but headstrong kids go that bit further. They're not necessarily being disobedient, they're just naturally adventurous and want to explore the world for themselves. And be honest: would you rather they sat quietly and watched things happening from the sidelines? Thought not.