How will your differently-abled child survive after you?

Recently, after the whole viklang-divyang debate, I’ve been thinking more and more about the kind of dignity differently-abled people deserve. The thing that comes up on top for me is about self-reliance among the differently abled.Though our culture has been indolent in embracing such kids into the mainstream system, there has been a ray of hope through some very conscientious work by certain NGOs, the government and a few establishments who are striving to optimise the potential of these children. The vocational outlets they operate have created avenues for placements that are still a distant dream for most of the kids.My child has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and I worry about his future. Today he has us, his family. But what about tomorrow? Who will hold his hand? How will he be able to survive independently? This nagging question led me to explore options that could help my child and I thought of sharing it here for parents who face a similar dilemma.THE FIRST STEP

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Get career counselling done for your child. This helps you to find his strengths as well as his areas of disinterest and weakness. Just because your kid is differently abled it doesn’t mean that he cannot choose what he wants to do in future. Yes, realistically the options maybe be streamlined a bit but there are many variations available. Banjara Academy at RT Nagar and in Basavanagudi, Bangalore, facilitates a written career assessment test followed by a career counselling by experienced counsellors that help you and your kid navigate the way.PREFER PRACTICAL TO THEORETICALHands-on activities or courses are where these kids tend to excel rather than in those that involve a lot of reading, learning and writing. Most of them are visual /audio learners so anything that involves graphics, operating machinery, or creating stuff brings out the best in them. The following lines of work would help.


AnimationAudio/Sound EngineeringPaintingSculpture/PotteryClothes designing/TailoringCookery/BakingComputer Data EntryPhotographyJewellery Designing/MakingHandicrafts.To know more,  you can check out the fair at the Brindavan Junior Study Centre at Jayanagar 2nd block  on the February 13, 2016,  where various institutions will be setting up stalls, which will help you explore and identify various opportunities for your child.SHELTERED VOCATIONAL UNITSjobsNGOs like Fame India, Yashaswini Swavalambana Trust, Enable India and others operate sheltered vocational training centres and offer employment as well as rehabilitation post the training.  The government is also doing their bit here. The Ministry of Labour at Peenya, Bangalore, runs a vocational unit and if you register your kid with them, they organise education fairs too, letting kids interact with the visiting commercial organisations for placement opportunities. The Spastics Society of Karnataka also offers vocational training and helps place students for dignified jobs.HUMANE SIDE OF CORPORATESEsteemed and well-known hotels like The Taj, Lemon Tree and establishments like Café Coffee Day have reserved a percentage in their employment policy to accommodate individuals with special needs.The world can be a cruel place. But don’t lose heart. All is not lost as somewhere there is still that little reassuring oasis to survive and thrive. I’d like to sign off with this one statement by Leonard Cohen that doesn’t fail to inspire me every time I read it.‘’There is a crack in everything…that’s how the light gets in’’