how to take care of your kids when you are sick

8 ways to take care of kids when you are not well -ZenParent
Kids fall sick a lot when they are young- all part of the process of building strong immunity. However, if YOU fall sick, it can be a whole different ball game. Besides the usual extended TV time and movie time, here are a few things you can do to keep your kids distracted enough to rest a little.1. Give your child your laptop and show them how to play around with fonts. Open Paintbrush and have them doodle around with the colours, or ask them to write a story on word.

2. Tent: Spread a bed sheet over your dining table and make a tent underneath it. Take some snacks and books inside. Pretend you are camping and catch a snooze while your child reads and pretends to camp. Kids love to be in such confined spaces.

how to take care of child when you're ill - ZenParenr3. Board Games: During the hustle bustle of everyday life you just don’t have time for board games- So break out the board games on the floor- make yourself comfortable with some cushions and a cosy blanket and play with your kids.4. Beautician: If you have girl children, assemble a set of hair clips, bands and baubles and let your little one go to town on your head. It is very relaxing when someone is messing around with your head and you get to put your legs up and do you take care of your child when your are ill - ZenParent5. Masseuse: Hand over the scented moisturizer which your child finds fascinating and tell them they can pretend they are a masseuse. Lie down comfortably and let them slather you with moisturizer. Stock up on some cheap brand for this purpose so that you wouldn’t mind it being abused a little!6. Finger Paint: Just google ‘home made nontoxic finger paint’ and you would get a dozen recipes on easy homemade finger paint made of regular kitchen staples. Mix it together and make your give it to your kids. They would go to town with it for at least half an hour allowing you to catch a nap.7. Colour Chalk: Stock up on colour chalk and bring it out for special days like this when you really need some peace. Give it to your child and let them freak out on your balcony or on your veranda. It can be easily washed away with water.


8. Say Yes to help: When your neighbour finds out that you are sick and offers to make you lunch or soup, accept it! You will get a chance to return the favour! Don’t try to be the brave soul and do it all by yourself!