How to stay motivated if you are not working out with a group

You begin working out with full on energy only for it all to fizzle out in a week, if not less? Not motivated enough to work out as it is boring to do it all alone? If the answer to both is yes, thisFirst up let me tell you, I totally understand how you feel. You so want to workout and get fit but with no one to give you company you lose motivation pretty soon. Sailing in the same boat we were, not anymore! I just jumped off and here is what I have realized about staying motivated even when I work out alone. You could give it a shot.1. Identify why you want to workoutYou know why you should workout? No, not because someone asked you if you were pregnant again. (Yes, some fool asked me that the other day. I have a 6 month old baby in my hand for heaven’s sake. When do you think I could have gotten pregnant again?) You have to workout for YOURSELF, because you want to remain fit and healthy and feel good about yourself! If you work out because others tell you to, chances are you are going to give up just as fast as you began. But if fitting into that killer dress is what is motivating you to workout suit yourself. Just don’t give up the second you do fit into it or when you realize it isn’t as easy as you thought!2. Identify and workout a scheduleYoga, pilates, zumba, cycling or plain simple walking; you have numerous options today to choose from. Pick what you enjoy the most so that it is motivation in itself to keep working out. You know what is more fun? Mixing it up! Two days of Zumba, a day of cycling and 2 days of maybe just walking. This helps keep the interest to work out alive without stretching oneself.  Also doing the same workout after a point does not really make as much as an impact as a well mixed workout schedule. Keep the schedule simple and gradually build it up. Most importantly though - stick to it!3. Set small achievable milestonesYou have heard it said a million times before I am sure but I am going to say it again - Rome was not built in a day! So no, you are not going to lose 10kg in a month. Don’t believe any person who tells you that too easily. Do not set tough targets for yourself such that you lose all motivation to even try. Keep your goals small and realistic and work towards them. Achieving these litte milestones will eventually help you go the whole distance. So baby steps for you too initially.wr


4. Maintain a workout diary

When you workout, note it. Each time you make an entry, you know how much effort you have actually put in and can give yourself a pat on the back for being awesome! You also know the days you did not do complete justice. A written record helps keep you on your toes and putting in that extra bit to do a little better each time. It helps you understand your body better, what works best and what you enjoy most!5. Maintain a food diaryJust like a workout diary, a food diary helps you know what you have eaten right and what so much not. The food diary also helps you realize that even though you are sweating it out, why the scale shows no signs of budging. Well you did know why, but you didn’t realize just how many calories that sandwich actually packed! A series of days of eating right and you could actually give yourself a little reward with a bite of what you love to eat! Yes it is totally okay to cheat sometimes!6. Celebrate achieving each milestonesAppreciation is the best form of encouragement. Recognize the effort you put in and celebrate each achievement of yours. It could be in the form of that dress you have been wanting for ages, or that much needed spa you have been meaning to go for, anything that works for you. Rewarding yourself with a bite of what you love is good as long as you don’t make a habit of it and undo all the good work you managed to get done.7. Take a breakEveryone deserves a break, even your body. Working out does not mean exercising 7 days week. It does not mean you have to be at it for months together. It is okay to take a break of a day or two in between; rather you should take a break. Let your body rest for a day, recharge itself and get back to sweating it out all over again. Sit down, put your legs up and enjoy a good read maybe!8. Join a virtual groupYou do not have a group to work out with, to encourage you and motivate you? Get the next best thing; get a virtual group to help you out. There are numerous virtual friends and groups who can help you, motivate you to keep working out. You could exchange notes and tips to be more effective and realise you really are not alone in the journey to get fit!So what are you waiting for, get up and move it. Make that pledge to yourself to get fit and don’t worry if you are alone. You have many friends out there who would be willing to help you stay motivated, tag one along!