How to smart shop for diapers and save a hell of a lot of money

Did you know an average Indian household that uses only disposable diapers spends anywhere between Rs 28,000 and Rs 36,000 a year? I bet you’ve never done the math. Because it’s such an essential, especially in households where there are working parents and no luxury to wash and dry cloth nappies, that we never think of costs when it comes to diapers. Once kids come along, you suddenly realise why your parents kept advising you to be financially secure before you decide to have kids. Diapers, clothes, baby accessories, beds, doctor visits -- babies are expensive! And what with delaying of potty training these days, kids wear diapers right up to 36 months some times. (Which is fine. Parenting is not easy and when the time comes, parents will do what they can.)

The Thrifty Couple, a blog on sensible parenting money-wise, says this about how many diapers are used in each household. “Just how many diapers will you or have your changed per child before they are potty-trained?

Here is a quick calculation to help. Please note the number of diapers per day is actually a bare minimum – imagine how much more the total probably will be!

  • 1-3 months old uses around 7 diapers a day for 92 days = 644 diapers

  • 4-5 month old uses around 6 diapers a day for 60 days = 360 diapers

  • 6-12 month old uses around 5 diapers a day for 182 days = 910 diapers

  • 12-24 month old uses around 4 diapers a day for 365 days = 1,460 diapers

  • 24 +months (the average girl is potty trained around 2-3 years and average boy around 3-4 years, so we are going to calculate up to 3 years) uses around 3 diapers a day for 365 days = 1,095 diapers”

That’s a whole lot of diapers and when you translate that into costs, it’s a LOT of money. You could probably take a little vacation if you didn’t have to spend all that on diapers.

So then, how can you be smart and save on diapers when you need them so much and how easy they make your life. Well, read on for a few tips.

1. Buy in bulk: In India, if you’ve noticed, most things come in smaller sizes than other countries, whether that’s a pack of chips or tubs of ice cream, and yes, diaper packs. Buying smaller sizes of diapers packs -- for whatever reason -- is not a great idea. Buy the bigger pack even if it is more expensive. Don’t get into the habit of thinking you’ll make do with the small packs, because, eventually, that costs you more than buying the bigger pack sizes and that too in bulk.

2. Buy online: About 10 years ago you had to depend on a pharmacy or a general story to pick up diapers but now almost all online shopping places offer huge discounts on all brands of diapers. You can get anywhere between 10 percent to 35 percent off on diapers if you shop cleverly.

3. Buy from a trusted seller: Buying cleverly brings me to a huge point of fake products available online. Do your research and find out which are the sellers you can trust and order only from them even if someone else seems like they’re giving you a larger discount. A large part of the reason sometimes a good product gets a bad review online is because they got stuck with a fake package.

4. Don’t stick to package recommendations: At least where weight and size are concerned. For example, a child who is more than the upper limit of the weight size recommended on the package might still be able to fit into the said diaper. Go by leakage and the comfort of your child. If there are no rashes, cuts, marks, then continue to use the diaper even after she’s over the weight/age recommendation.

5. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better quality: Scout the market for various brands. Sometimes, the big brand names have the same quality of diaper and provide the same level of comfort and absorption. Be open to less expensive brands and you  might be surprised at how much money you can save.  

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This article is written in association with Nobel Hygiene/Teddyy’s Diapers.