How to not let rains ruin your make-up and other dos and don’ts

Sitting in your verandah sipping on a cup of chai, are you awoken by the irresistible scent of fresh earth as the first few drops of minty fresh rain hit the parched earth? That smell has a name- petrichor.  Kids squeal with delight and mothers while waiting for this blessed event first think about the drying laundry!

Ladies – forget that wet laundry smell and light-up some beautiful fragrant candles instead to brighten your mood. Pull out an old book and absolutely refuse to make chai-pakoras! Instead ask the husband to make hot magi and bring it to you in your favourite ceramic mug with a steaming cup of lavender tea. Bring in the new.....

But what will you do when there is a big party and you have to look your glamorous best? Must you let go of the diva in you just because the weather plays truant on your designer clothes? NEVER!!!

While there are several dos and don’ts with regard to clothes, this post is about your face. Your look. Your glam visage! How to slay it like Bebo when it comes to monsoon make-up.

Do you want me to write the name of a specific product (psst... it’s not really allowed. But if you write your queries in comments section I will definitely tell you that too!)

Why? Because #womensticktogether dude J.

So here goes:

1.  When face is your fortune!

Ok first thing. Do not forget to wash your face at least thrice with a good quality facewash during the monsoons. The extra humidity in the air will block those pores and make your skin look anything but dewy fresh if you don’t do that

Tone: Toner is great if you have oily skin. Else, just apply ice to close pores and make your face radiant and glowing!

Next:  moisturize! Use a water based moisturizer instead of cream based ones.

Foundation:  Avoid this totally. That’s right skip this routine for a lighter base. Try simple face powder. Baby powder worksfine!

Avoid this cakey look that Kim Kardashian is sporting. Blending your foundation is very important to keep it looking natural and fresh

2. Bright and beautiful eyes

Rains are notorious for making the eye make-up run. It can make you look like a little racoon if you are not careful. Try this – instead of water, use a pencil liner. The cream base of the pencil line will hold better in these ‘trying’ times.

These monsoons get this look gals! This one will drop your style meter by a 100 points right away.

Mascara: I don’t need to tell a diva like you that, mascara has to be waterproof during the rainy season.

Shadow: Instead of purples and blues, try warmer and subtler shades like beige and brown or even a russet pink for your eyelid. These colours will blend well and not be jarring. Also choose powder, instead of a cream based one to keep the moisture off it. Reason is the sultry season may make your shadow sweat a little and ruin your image. One light flick will spread it across your face!

good eye shadow can make your break your look. Take a look at these healthy pointers

3. Lips to die for

After eyes, it is the turn of your lips. Creamy lip colours and glittery ones are a big no-no this season. Without the external light of the darling sun to enhance the glitter, the look just falls flat. Instead try to go natural for the lips.

Invest in some amazing lip balms or gloss that will enhance the basic shape of your lips.

But if you have to go the lipstick way, reach out for the matt ones. Yet again try blush and nude tones before you try on red! The waterproof ones are perfect.

Warning: nude does not mean going the way JLo  way. That is disgusting. On the other hand, this coral look is perfect !

4. Blush

Yet again, rains is not the time to prove the adage “go big or go home”. Go for natural shades, instead of the bolder ones.

Jeniffer Aniston knows how to keep the look subtle, yet sophisticated! Go this way.