How to make your kids billionaires?

Parents were asked what they thought their kids needed to become billionaires. Here are some of the responses -1. Start early, get a mentor.2. Find a passion early and learn to embrace it to the fullest, no matter who says what.3. Chase your own dreams.Not what your parents dream for you.4. Don't consider anything a failure. Like Edison said, it's just a way that doesn't work.5. Be lucky enough to be a millionaire's child.6. Be the first person to foray in to whatever it is. You'll succeed and make your billions.7. Think different and be different. Stand out, not blend in.8. You become one. So that they inherit it.9. Buy that million dollar lottery regularly. You'll wins someday!10. You have to ALWAYS be the one raising the bar. Never live up to expectations. Be so far beyond it that it's out of everyone else's reach.This post is inspired from here.