Five absolutely must try-rules for getting through wedding season with kids

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My mum once said to me, “You either to go the wedding or you can stay with the kids. You can’t do both.” The wedding season is upon us and those of us with small children know what that means – a certain nightmare.I remember my brother’s wedding and how I had wanted to enjoy every moment of it, dress up and generally have fun. But I ended up a zombie who had run a month-long marathon, spending all my energy on chasing my kids so that they didn’t break crockery. More time and foolish energy in dressing them up only to find them messy the next moment. And finally, getting utterly exhausted trying to feed them forcefully so that they could finally vomit. On me. After I was done with all the close relatives’ weddings and my kids grew up, I now know how to handle kids during weddings.#Rule No 1Be Practical: Dress simple. Gone is the luxury of decking out in your finest. You need to be on the move with kids, which becomes dicey with layers of silk, brocade and sharp (albeit pretty) precious jewellery on your body. People will remember you for your cheerfulness and composure rather than your designer wear. The former will also last more than your clothes.#Rule No 2Get help: I know the need and the emotion attached with it when you want to let the whole world know how well you can handle your kids and how good you are as a mother. But before you expect everyone else to start treating you as a human, you need to start doing that for yourself. Get help during the wedding. Arrange for an ayah or a caretaker who can share your burden and give you some time to enjoy the occasion. A cardinal error here is to find someone in the last minute. Kids might not like to be left in the care of someone they don’t know. Find someone in advance or find someone you use regularly.#Rule No 3Be prepared to largely stick to routine: They need their food and sleep but the way they like it. There are two things here. Either you feed them, put them to sleep at their designated timing if that is what they need and revel in the celebrations or you let them be happy eating what they enjoy and sleep when they are tired. That’s the idea. You give them what they want and they shall give you what you want.#Rule No 4

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Keep them comfortable: I remember I had made my son wear a prince suit for a wedding and though he was the cutest kid in town, he also took home an award for being the crankiest. When I look back, I realised that a loose kurta-churidar or a shirt with pants would have made my life so simple.

#Rule No 5

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Keep your cool:  It’s difficult, I know, but if your kids have been driving you up the wall, and the clock is ticking away on the fun and celebration, it’s still not the end of the world. If you have decided to have kids, then they are your priority by default. If they need you to be around them rather than with your friends or cousins, so be it. If they are suddenly feeling neglected they will cry for your attention and probably need your hugs. Please give them those and calm them instead of turning the wedding venue into a battlefield.Happy Wedding Season to You All!