How to dress if you want to hide your body fat: 21 tips

Since you got pregnant, you’ve never been able to fit into all those young, pretty kurtas, tops and jeans you looked so fashionable in. And you’ve tried and stopped enough diets. They’re just not viable. You’re tired of feeling like a slob. So what to do? Simple. Just start dressing in a way that your best features are highlighted and your fat hidden. How?


belly fat

Here are some tips to help you choose clothes to hide your belly fat.

  1. Stay away from tight fitting clothes: Wear clothes that fit you correctly. Don't wear tight clothes because they accentuate your body fat. Avoid the clingy chiffons; go for pleasing cottons instead. That doesn’t mean you should go the opposite direction entirely - don't wear clothes so loose that they make you look big.

  2. Don't wear skinny jeans: Okay, you love your jeans. But skinny jeans will accentuate your belly as they are smaller at the bottom. Also avoid low-waist jeans, or buy a size bigger than what you are, as they push up your belly and hence highlight belly fat. Straight cuts are the best - they are neither too loose or too tight.

  3. Go for wide waistband trousers and skirts: Stay away from tight fitted jeans and slim miniskirts as they will make you look heavier than you really are. Also avoid trousers with pockets - they’ll create an abnormal bulge when they’re loose.

  4. Draping is great: Choose a dress or a top that drape over your tummy. Even frills are good to hide belly fat. Don't go for short tops; instead, go for tops that extend over your waistline. Kurtas are perfect for this, even if you wear them over jeans and not salwars.

  5. Avoid belts: Stay away from belts. They emphasise your tummy.

  6. Don't tuck in your blouses and shirts: Yeah. This just shapes your dress better, which is great if you have a flat belly, just not for an apple. Pick kurtis or tops with wide necklines, so you showcase your collarbones, and leave them out of your jeans.

  7. Choose dark colours: Black is slimming. So are other dark colours. They’re great paunch disguises.

Thighs and hips

fat thigh

  1. Not too loose, not too tight: Go for something that fits you and is comfortable as well. Try not to wear bottoms that are too clingy or too loose.

  2. Choose wide leg trousers: Opt for bell bottoms with A-line or bell-like flairs. If you still want to wear skinny jeans make sure that you have a nice flowy tops with a asymmetrical hem. Patialas and salwars are great, but we’d say skip the chudidar.

  3. Skip short tops: Don't wear tops that exactly end at your waist. Cover your hips and thighs as much as you can.

  4. Flowy fabrics: Choose clothes which are made of fabrics that take the shape of the body. Having them flair will give you a slim look.

  5. Avoid anything high-waist: Try tying your salwars at your pelvic bone instead of right over your belly button.

  6. Dark colours and patterns: Wear dark coloured bottoms or pants with vertical stripes with nice, bright tops. Avoid clothes with bold prints.


fat arms

  1. Cover them up: Avoid wearing sleeveless or short sleeved dressed which will simply put the entire focus on your arm. Instead, go for dresses with netted sleeves, ¾ sleeves or full sleeves. You can also wear quarter sleeves if you only want to hide your upper arms.

  2. Go off-shoulder: Off-shoulder tops, blouses and dresses will shift the attention from your arms. They’ll highlight your collarbones, which is exactly what you need.

  3. Dress in layers: This is perfect for winter. Layering works like magic in hiding plump arms. Use jackets, shrugs and crop tops with your dresses. Dupattas and stoles look great too.

  4. Accessorise: Instead of trying to hide your arms all the time, shift focus by wearing bold and attention grabbing accessories like a belts, long jhumkas or a nice terracotta necklace.

Double chin


  1. Opt for a low neckline: You should go for V neckline tops, and you can also wear button up tops or shirts. Stay away from high necklines and turtle necklines.

  2. Leave your hair loose: If you have long hair, don't tie it up. Consider styling it so that the bulk rests on top of your head instead of falling below your chin.

  3. Accessories: Don't wear bulky earrings that go all the way to your chin, which will accentuate your double chin. Instead, use long beads, small, light and shiny earrings. Avoid choker style necklaces; instead wear long necklaces.

  4. Make up: Apply your makeup correctly. To shift focus from your double chin, highlight your cheekbones and eyes with kajal, eye-liner, mascara and blush.