How to deal with a bad day like a queen

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The alarm goes off and you don’t know why but you turn it off in your sleep. Half an hour later you realise you have slept in and you have still not prepared breakfast or woken up your kids. Oops the lunch is pending too!You rush to the kitchen simultaneously shouting out to your kids and try to think of something quick like an omelette. But when you are picking those eggs from the tray, you get a little adventurous in trying to hold four of them together and boom! You drop all of them on the floor. Just then the phone rings but of course you choose to ignore it. You shift to bread and butter and think things are not that bad after all but the bread was bought 2 days ago and butter is as hard as rock. ‘Never mind’ you mutter and shove them in the microwave for softening and lo! The electricity goes off. The kids are at the table already glancing restlessly at the watch and they decide to leave without breakfast and lunch. The phone call you missed was the maid calling in for leave.We’ve all had impossible days like these when we feel the whole world is up against us. Nothing happens on time, in fact no work gets done at all, people choose to ignore our calls and messages, our boss won’t co-operate, and we are stuck! The mistake we all make on great days like these is we try to go against the flow to make things right before we call it a day, whereas we should be taking the hint from the cosmos. Everyone needs a day off and since someone up there knows that we moms never do that on our own, they craft such days for us. All we have to do is accept the holiday and do our own thing that will rejuvenate and gear us up for the next day.

how mom overcomes the bad day - ZenParent

Here are some tips for turning your day around without much planning-

  • First things first. Food drives our whole existence and you need to take care of that ASAP. Order out. There are so many eateries, restaurants and online portals where you can order your food for that one day. Pack your kids to school with a glass of milk and ask you husband to get them and himself some Idlis/sandwiches or packed lunch on the way. It’s perfectly fine. Get that food burden off your chest and no guilt please.
  • The maid will turn up the next day, hale and hearty. They usually do. So it is ok if you don’t clean up meticulously for a day. You can just go ahead with the basic tidying up if it makes you feel comfortable and wipe your kitchen with a spray and some tissues. The laundry is also good if it has to wait for a day.
  • You are agitated and you need to calm yourself down. Take a long hot water shower to soothe your nerves and relax. Keep an aroma candle in your bathroom for days like these.
  • Pull out a book that you have been meaning to read for but thought you never had the time. Fill up a bowl with some crispies (baked if you are weight consciousJ) and munch them away while you enjoy the book. Is your personal library running dry? Step out to a book store like crosswords or landmark where you can browse books and settle with the ones you like over a cuppa. Or if you feel like it watch your favourite television shows. Make it a marathon.
  • If you can drive then a long drive with some awesome music should make your heart sing. All cities now have Volvo buses/ metros or trains where you can enjoy a ride with ear phones.
  • Go shopping. Trust me even buying a small trinket that excites you, will lift up your mood a lot.
  • Call your friends and meet over lunch or movie. And if they are busy you don’t have to spoil your day. My cousin recently taught me how to be independent enough to go and watch a movie alone. Initially I had the jitters but eventually I realised that nobody bothers. It’s cool.
  • It helps. All you have to do is sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. In about 15 minutes you are as calm & serene as a lake.
  • Paint, embroider or do some craft. The satisfaction of creating something is a very big feel good factor.
  • And last but definitely not the least is sleeping. Catch up on your sleep ladies you don’t get enough of it anyway.

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Do whatever that suits you or makes you happy. The idea is to acknowledge that you are a human too and need a break.And when they are back from school & work they are going to be pleasantly surprised to see a cheerful and glowing you for a change. The trade- off is worth it isn’t it?