How soothing wipes have managed to be my baby’s best friend this winter

By Anureeti Saha

I have to admit up front: I am not the biggest fan of winters. And it gets all the worse for me when I think about how my little one will deal with them. She’s seven months old and everything from giving her a bath to making sure she’s covered just right in warm clothing -- so she is neither too hot, nor too cold -- is guesswork that has me on edge constantly.

Many days, it gets so cold that I feel bad to take off her warm clothing and give her a bath. But I also insist that she be clean, smell good and remain germ free. Some days, I give her a sponge bath, but that leaves her uncomfortable for some reason. So I went back to bathing her everyday till, on a family holiday, my aunt suggested I try wipes to clean her up. Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of it before?

Where baby products are concerned, I try to use store-bought thing as minimally as possible. I prefer -- and have the time and luxury -- of making things at home. And so when I wanted wipes, I knew I wanted something that was natural and safe for my baby. The only brand that fits that bill for babies in India is Himalaya (abroad, there are so many natural and organic options, I feel jealous!). I bought two packs of the soothing wipes -- mostly because of lavender is one of the active ingredients! Who doesn’t want a calm baby, eh?

Now I use them liberally because they smell so amazing, and, while I can’t tell if the extra relaxation my baby feels on some days is because she’s warm and comfortable or because of the calming fragrance of lavender (which has proven soothing properties), I am glad I use these. No matter how much I moisturise, there are parts of her skin that tend to dry, especially her face and hands. These wipes are really gentle and promote healing is what I’ve noticed. So, I did a little research on the ingredients that are listed at the back. Apparently, the Indian Madder and the five-leaved chaste tree extracts have anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that help fight skin infections, while aloe vera and almond oil soothe, moisturise and nourish.

I, for one, am sold for life. Usually, when I use any wet wipes on myself, I find my skin tends to feel dry and stretched after a while. But with the Himalaya Soothing Wipes, I find my skin remains supple and hydrated even after use. I assume it is the same for my baby because her skin feels fantastic too. So, when I do use wipes instead of a full-on bath, the lavender fragrance coupled with a sweet lullaby, and my baby is sleeping peacefully till her next round of feed!