How soon can you have sex after an abortion? Find out!

Abortion can be physically and emotionally stressful for couples. While some of them decide to terminate the fetus because they aren’t ready yet, a few others abort the baby due to medical conditions. However, abortion is no cake walk and conceiving after an abortion needs a little extra care and precaution.

Here are 5 facts you must know before you get pregnant after an abortion.

Fact #1: Abortion does not interfere with fertility

An abortion that is done under proper medical condition is usually fuss-free and allows the woman to conceive again without a hassle. With the advancement in medicines, chances of infections and complications have also gone down drastically. One should fear about fertility issues only if the reproductive organs like ovaries or the uterus get damaged in some way during the process.

Fact#2: Repeated abortions can make the cervix weak

Undergoing an abortion to delay pregnancy might not cause much harm. However, if you repeatedly opt for abortions or undergo multiple D&C, there are chances your cervix might take a hit. So, if you plan for a pregnancy after having multiple abortions, you could suffer from incompetent cervix, which could in turn lead to an untimely termination of pregnancy. Usually a hysterectomy can help to know the condition of the cervix. In case of a weak cervix, a stitch is done to keep it closed so the fetus is safe inside the womb.

Fact #3: Getting pregnant immediately after an abortion can be dangerous

Your uterus has just undergone some major fiddling and it definitely is not strong enough to house a baby. So, it is advised couples who have opted for an abortion wait at least for 6 months or so before they give it another chance. Also, the uterus is weak from all the medication, which might also lead to excess bleeding.

Fact#4: Use of contraception after an abortion is necessary

If you thought you will not ovulate soon after an abortion, you are wrong! Whether you miss your periods soon after an abortion or are bleeding down there, you will ovulate. This mean you can still get pregnant. So, in case you don’t want to go through the grind once again, play it safe and use contraception.

Fact #5: Take expert help

Even if you feel fit and fine after an abortion and are all set to have a baby, it is better you consult with your doctor before you take the plunge. Your doctor might perform a few tests to find out if your uterus is healthy enough to have a baby.

Fact #6: Have sex frequently if you want to conceive

Lastly, if you are prepared to have a baby, have sex more frequently, especially during the fertile days. And if you were on birth control pills previously, give your body some time to get weaned out of it, to help you conceive normally.

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