How parents can bond better with each other for their children’s happiness

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“When I have had an argument with my husband, I am not in the state of mind to be loving and energetic and positive with my children, but on other days, when such isn’t the situation; I feel like I am fulfilling my responsibility as a mother with all my heart.” This must certainly be an experience each one of us invariably goes through in our lives. It is when we are happy with our partner, that we are able to spread the happiness to our children fully. Just as love and affection from the partner is our most vital life source for any of us, so is seeing parents in love and coming to loving parents vital for every child.Children learn more than what we think they do by watching and observing us. The emotions they experience and witness at early age become part of their subconscious and play an important role in shaping their personalities. Moreover, a happy, peaceful and loving environment at home is the most congenial for learning to happen. As the quotation goes, when the child is happy, learning happens by default.Here are five ways in which parents can bond better for a happier family:1. Have Good Communication, alwaysMake sure you talk to each other and do so in your child’s presence. Watching you talk and share is very reassuring for your child. Also, when children see their parents talking and communicating with each other, they learn to do the same. For example, mother and father coming back from work and sharing the happenings of the day with their spouse, would encourage children to express and communicate. “I was telling Daddy how I was being bullied by my peer” will let your child understand how sharing such things with family can really help!2. Express Affection, with all your heartBy being affectionate and caring towards each other, parents can create a great feeling of warmth in the family. This will help our children feel secure and grow into emotionally well balanced individuals.

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So, don’t shy away from expressing warmth and fondness towards your spouse in your child’s presence. Typically in our society, we refrain from cuddling up, holding hands, hugging the spouse in kids’ presence, maybe because most of us have grown up not seeing our parents do that. But expressing affection to each other will not only let your children know how much the two most important people in their lives like each other, but will also give them a feeling of warmth and make them feel protected.3. Appreciate Each Other, despite the oddsWhen you appreciate your spouse for his/ her skills or efforts, it not only makes boosts that person’s feeling of self-worth, but also boosts their self-esteem. Kids watching parents with high self-esteem will invariably inculcate this trait in their personality and they will learn to be appreciative of others.Never miss an opportunity to express gratitude to your spouse. Don’t take that help in daily chores or an out of the way help for granted. Appreciate the help and express gratitude. This will also go a great way in building a strong bond between spouses.4. Be Supportive of Each Other, no matter what

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Put effort to take decisions jointly and be supportive of each other in everything you take up. This will encourage children to take significant decisions and pave a path of their own, as they know; you are there to support them. They have always seen you standing by each other and pulling off endeavors together.5. Take Time Out, even when it seems impossibleSpending time with each other, like just the two of you going on a drive, watching a movie together or going on a holiday together, rekindles relationships. This can help you work better as parents and as a family.Make sure you spend enough time together, just the two of you and reconnect time and again to keep the freshness in the relationship intact. Your children will love the outcomes of it, so don’t feel guilty about it. Go ahead; go on a date with your spouse. Your children need it! Image Source: via Google Images (Creative Commons)