How meditation can help your workout as well as dealing with your kids

Had a fight with the spouse/partner? A bitter argument at work? Or something else bothering you as you enter your gym or begin your workout at home? Sure enough your workout will be inadvertently affected by this. Besides which you might end up yelling at your kids for no fault of theirs. Without even realizing it, you would be using them to vent your anger or frustration.In such circumstances, meditation can help greatly. Combine meditation techniques with your workout activities.Meditation and fitness? Oh yes! The two have a strong co-relation. Meditation can actually enhance your workout, besides which it will bring in oodles of calm to your approach as a parent.Meditation, as you would well know, is a process to reign in thoughts and stay calm and mindful of oneself and one’s breathing.By practicing meditation regularly, you can train your brain to reject the negative thoughts, and focus on the now. Not just that, you can reduce mental fatigue with a fixed meditation routine during your workout. Calming the mind has a significant influence on your behavior with kids as well.Meditating before, during, and after working out can help you stay mindful during the activity, boost your concentration and channelize your energies single-mindedly.1. The Technique of Meditating
  1. Breathe.
  2. Then take deep slow breaths, where you breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  3. Focus completely on this action.
  4. Repeat 1-3 for at least 20 minutes.
2. Meditating before a workout As you stretch and perform warm up exercises, take deep breaths and clear your mind of all outside thoughts. Focus on awakening muscles and blood circulation. In response to this focus, your body will gear up for a more productive workout.3. Meditating during a workout Using meditation techniques during a workout has been proven to improve stamina, strength, and overall progress towards fitness goals.

Young Woman Meditating

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4. Meditating after your workout After you finish working out, you may have a thousand thoughts going through your mind. Slow down. Calm yourself. Take deep breaths and listen to your heart rate returning to normal.Post your workout session, in the endorphin-released state, you can now focus more easily and sink into meditation more deeply. Meditating post a workout session allows you to reflect on your workout progress.5. Happier around your childrenBeing focused on the now also enables you to appreciate the small joys of life and revel in countless little moments of happiness with your children. Your approach will be more relaxed and calm around them.