How letting Your Kids Spend Time With Their Grandparents helps

grandparents with kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Contrary to the belief that grandparents are old, they need rest and pamper kids; letting children spend time in their company actually does wonders. Surprised? I was too when my boys returned after a long vacation from their grandparents’ and I noticed some really significant changes in them.Read on1. Kids learn patience- They know that you are young, energetic and they can push the boundaries of their demands a little more with you. ‘’ I want to go to the park today itself’’ and you will probably say ‘’fine but let me see you finish your homework first’’ the grandparent might say ‘’surely dear, I would love to take you there but I have a terrible ache in my knees and so can we go tomorrow?’ and most probably kids will comply. My boys had learned to wait and accept a no for an answer.grandparents teach a lot to grandchildren- Parenting resources by ZenParent 

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 2. Kids learn to be more sensitive- Staying with grandparents makes kids aware of the of the problems aged people face. The pain they go through and how difficult life can be at times. This awareness evokes the humane side in kids, sensitizes them to be more compassionate and realise your value as parents. My younger kid came up to me one night and asked me innocently ‘Are your legs paining? Shall I rub some balm for you?’’ And I could feel tears instantly swell up in my eyes.3. Kids Learn to Calm down- We all know how much kids learn by observing and the atmosphere in our homes is very different from the atmosphere there. We do raise our voices often, watch more TV, listen to more music and generally there is more ‘loudness’ in our world. Peace is something all people belonging to an old age group treasure and they rarely yell. Kids notice this and learn & absorb the calmness. My kids had learnt to speak in hushed tones, play quietly and throw lesser tantrums because they had been conditioned not to disturb their grandparents.

kids with grandparents- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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4. There is strengthening of bonds- We all have our difference of opinions with our parents and in laws at some point or the other. Letting your kids be with their grandparents helps cement the bond and bridges the gap between you two. Kids bring people together. We all remember how Kevin helped the old man reunite with his son through his granddaughter in the movie ‘Home Alone’.As each year passes, we reminiscence about the lovely time that has gone by with our little ones and somewhere at the back of our minds we fear that day when we will have to let them go. Our parents have gone through that tough phase already and our kids are like those glorious moments granted back to them again miraculously. Let us not take that away from them and let our kids learn and gain from their vast wisdom and experience. A little pampering against all this doesn’t really measure up does it?Click here to read how to let your children always know that you care.Featured Image Source