How Is Technology Affecting Our Kids

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Remember the days when we rushed back from school, have a quick bite to eat and and run outdoors to play with our friends? Games such as hide and seek, hop scotch and land-water still bring a smile on my face. And boy! Don’t we miss seeing the same zest in our kids! Despite eagerness to play with friends, it isn't the outdoors that attracts them; the excitement is reserved for online games, the internet and for a whole world of technology out there. From accessing all kinds of information to entertaining; technology has made itself indispensable in our lives.With giants like Sony and Microsoft plunging into the market with their X Box and Play Stations, it's more than easy to for kids to be drawn into the exciting world of electronic gaming and experience power, strength and a thrill they know is not possible in real lives. We all know what exhilaration the protagonist in the movie ‘Avataar’ experienced when his virtual version gave him the feet he longed for. This is the basic principle on which all electronic games operate; to offer a world that you long for, one that is vastly different from your own. The lure of one-touch instant information is a bait for all ages. Google, Bing, Siri and Quantico are practically family members now. I have heard, to my dismay, many of my friends mentioning that their kids talk to Siri more than to their parents!According to psychologists, sometimes we as parents land up pushing our kids into the virtual world inadvertently by making the real world very distressing for them. Are we taxing our kids too much with academics and the pressure of performance so that they are tempted to slip into this alternative space for a sense happiness and achievement?

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Too much of a good thingThe first aspect that cannot and should not be ignored is that the violence these games encourage. Research says, kids end up being more aggressive and destructive in the long run as most of the games are war based or brutally competitive.Doctors add that overexposure to gadgets can lead to defective vision. This means headaches, dizziness and an increasing number of children wearing spectacles as they don’t remember to maintain a safe distance between themselves and the screens. The major reason for kids losing sleep is that many use computers, phones or handheld-electronic games at night just before they sleep. This activity dilates the pupils, activates the brain and hence interferes with sleep induction. And as parents, one of the biggest issues staring us in our faces is that of what kids are watching and reading online. The end result of spending time exclusively on gadgets is that simple: physically dull kids who do not wish to get out and play, kids who prefer to spend a chunk of their time in seclusion surrounded with various gadgets, with an altered sense of reality and truth.But wait. All is not lost and, bleak as it seems, if we as parents learn to control the exposure to this world.

childhood today is lost in technology- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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A family that plays togetherPsychologists say that these very gadgets help in sharpening the brains of kids through mental stimulation. They help build kids’ concentration and help them vent their pain and anxiety.  Dyslexic kids show improved reading skills after using computers. ADHD kids have been able to improve their condition with the help of neuro bio feedback which involves helping training affected kids to control games with their brains. The ray of sunshine here, then, is that parents can join in with their kids while playing and increase family bonding.But to make the most of technology, balance is the key and with proper and firm time-slots in place and adequate effective communication, parents can not only help their kids make the most of gadgeyd but also keep harmful side effects at bay. Read this to know how to spend a day with your child without using any gadgets and still have fun!Featured Image Source