How far will you go to discipline your child

It is not easy raising a child, all the more when you’re trying to explain to them what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Take for instance this now widely retold tale of a 7-year-old Japanese kid – Yamato Tanooka, who was punished by his parents for throwing stones at passing cars and people, by leaving him at the mouth of a bear-filled forest.HF1Asked to stand at the roadside – which he obviously didn’t, the boy wandered off and entered the thick dense forest and was considered missing for all intents and purposes. The parents called the police and a huge search and rescue operation was launched. The child was found a week till he was found by an unrelated member of Self Defenses Pro, preparing for training.Since this news broke out, everyone who’s anyone has an opinion about it. And so do I. I worry about leaving my son at the footstep of the bus. I worry whether he’ll sit without getting into trouble till he gets to school. I worry whether he’ll get to class ok, whether he’ll get back on the bus and get to me. Sure I worry because he’s only 3. But I hardly think leaving a defenceless child in hardly protective clothing at a forest nonetheless, even if it was for 5 minutes is way of teaching a lesson. NEWSFLASH – Kids wander. It’s hard enough when you’re holding their arm. But to actually leave them somewhere and drive away – what on earth do you expect to teach them? That their parents cannot be trusted?Left alone in a dangerous forest with no food and water, it’s amazing that the child survived at all to be united with his parents, who were apologetic for their behaviour.HF2The question remains of course if the apology was intended or if it was a repercussion from the negative attention the incident. Additionally it was uncovered that the parents lied that they had been out hunting for “wild vegetables” which the father later admitted to. The parents have been apologetic to the public who helped search as well as their son. But the incident has succeeded in opening a whole can of worms – the parenting debate about how much discipline is too much discipline.The varied reactions of the parents said it all – HF3What do you guys think? Would you discipline your child in this manner? Discuss.