How do you curb negative influences from harming your kids?

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Difficult task isn’t it? And an endless one. No matter how much you try they do find a way to sneak in something or the other that is forbidden and you land up being the police who has to be alert and on call for 24 hours. But is that feasible? There may be a time where you have other things to take care of and you won’t be on your guard. So are they allowed some wrong indulgences then? Obviously not. How about dealing with the issue at a slightly deeper level and nipping it in the bud rather than grappling with the symptoms all the time.1. ‘Friends’!!!!- Does your 8 year old suddenly turn around and snap at you? Or has your 7 year old of lately taken a liking for some certain forbidden words… well you know where it is mostly coming from. A friend’s 11 year old had some of his friends for a sleep over and my friend incidentally happened to check the computer the next morning to discover in the history some obscene sites that were visited. On questioning her kid confessed that it was his friends who had shown him the same. Friends yield a much stronger influence on our kids than anyone else dares can. And their word is law! And this is why they so influential.

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They provide comfort to your kid by offering a justification of all the untoward behaviour disliked by parents, help satisfy your kid’s innocent curiosity in a non- threatening and non- judgemental way and don’t nag. And so trying to blame friends is inviting wrath.You can help curb the influence of friends IF it is bordering on the negative side, by being a friend yourself. Talking and explaining to your kid about what is appropriate and what works in the family rather than being too strict and imposing will oscillate your kid gradually in your favour.2. Monitor- If only kids listened in one go! You may think u have had that talk and done the damage control but it takes repetitive action for desirable results. Keep an eye on them and you will discover that there are lapses. Now this has to be done in a discreet way because if you hover over your kid you may land up pushing him more towards the secretive activities. Once you have enough proof you can confront the kid and reason with him again why certain behaviour is not advisable. A good idea is to involve teachers to get them to speak to your kid personally or have a general discussion in the class.

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If this does not seem to work then firmer rules need to be enforced. Time outs and gadget using time tables help.3. Media Control- This platform makes a mark more on your kid’s psyche than you realise. For you your kid is just watching a ‘Tom and Jerry’ or an action packed ‘dhishum dhishum’ movie but according to Phyllis Farius a noted psychologist, simple cartoons like tom and jerry also glorify violence and we land up warming or kids to that from such an early age! Movies honour heroes who use foul language and have unpleasant behaviour and when kids emulate them we take pride. So obviously kids feel that such nuances are celebrated and should be copied.

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4. Being a Role Model- Well! Well! This goes without saying, doesn’t it? Haven’t many of you rushed to shut up your kid when he/she spills out little home secrets in terms of language and behaviour and felt humiliated? Discretion and self-control are probably the parents’ best friends once they have kids.It’s a beautiful world out there but is sprinkled with certain negative influences floating around like persistent viruses. If you as a parent boost your kid’s immunity sufficiently at home by providing the right response and atmosphere then your kid is mostly likely to stay protected & safe.Click here and learn how to cheer up your sad child.Featured Image Source