How do I raise a happy child?

raising a happy kid- Parenting resources by ZenParent
If you ask me or any parent in the world; all of us just want one thing for our kids- we want them to be happyBut as our babies turn into kids, we parents start worrying about keeping our children at par with the competition; we look up over the net, enroll them for activities that promise to make them geniuses, attend parenting workshops and even discuss among our friends and family on the best way to bring up smart kids. After all, we want them to become competent and successful individuals when they grow up.And during the constant struggle to bring out the best in our children; we are unknowingly forgetting the very basis of what truly goes into nurturing our little ones. It’s nobody’s fault really- things are that competitive today. But did you know that a happy child is likely to accomplish more in his/her life?Here are 5 things we can do to raise happier kids:Be happy yourselfOften, after a stressful day at work or because of our personal problems, we end up upset and the kids receive the brunt of it. Think about it from a child’s perspective and imagine how you will feel if you see your loved one in a low mood. While no one can be happy all the the time, we can certainly try to keep those work/maid/boss/money headaches out of our head and focus on our kids when we're with them.

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Help your child develop essential people skillsSometimes, when our child doesn't like something/someone, we end up telling them ignore the person or the situation. But this means the feelings of anger/fear/unease remain in the child. Why not help them resolve the issue by understanding the situation and how they feel? By teaching your child how to let go of a fat ego and how to let go of a grudge, you are on your way to raising a much happier child.

Help children develop people's skills- Parenting resources by ZenParent

Appreciate, Praise & Motivate unconditionallyAs kids grow older, we often stop expressing our pride when our kids achieve something. Instead of motivating them in a positive way, we try to strike fear into them. Hugging your child when he does something well will not make him complacent! So go ahead and express your happiness when they succeed at something.

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Encourage OptimismWhen our child doesn't do as well as expected at something, look at it as an amazing opportunity to teach your kids about failures and disappointment. Instead of lashing out at the child(which they might remember for a long, long time), talk about a time when you faced a similar situation. By teaching your child that failures and rejections are a part of life, we are helping them face problematic situations with optimism and courage. 

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Eat together, Play togetherMeal times are a great way to  bond with your kids as they get older and start spending more time away from you during the day. Letting your hair down and playing a board game/outdoor game with your child atleast once in a week is greatly beneficial in breaking down emotional barriers before they build up. Talk about everything under the sun and let your kid open up to you. This goes a long way in reassuring your child that he's not alone and can count on you.Be together- Parenting resources by ZenParent

Have fun making lots of happy memories which will be cherished by your child long after YOU forget. Hakuna Matata Parents!

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