How art helps your child’s development

Who doesn't want their child to develop some valuable hobbies that help them pass time, keep them in a place and also make sure they're having fun? Luckily, art is a hobby that is just that. Besides doing the obvious things that art helps with, it's also a positive thing for a child to learn and helps develop various skills from it. This article from India Parenting breaks it down -1. Art to Conquer Boredom and Stress Encouraging your child to doodle when he is idle is the perfect solution to boredom. Just give your child enough art material and allow his imagination to run wild. Sitting down with your child, and drawing something as well, is an excellent way to spend quality time with him.There is a wide range of media available for your child to discover his artistic side. You can start your child with pastels, switch to water colours as he grows up, and, if he nurtures the art habit, you may even see your childgraduate to oil paintings one day. Encouraging art also includes letting your child try his hand at modelling with play dough, pot painting, and other activities. Think out of the box. Have your child make something out of odds and ends, like a paper bag puppet, for example.Dabbling in art is also a great stress buster. In fact, psychologists encourage a child to draw so that they can draw inferences from the child's art and psychoanalyse them. Drawing and painting can also be an ideal way for children to vent their pent-up feelings.2. Benefits of dabbling in Art Introducing your child to art can play a pivotal role in your child's development. Art can help develop a child's creativity, imagination, cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills, and much more. Children who regularly participate in a comprehensive art programme are four times more likely to be elected to class office, four times more likely to be in a math or science fair, and four times more likely to win an award for writing, according to research published by Americans for the Arts.Art helps children build self esteem as children take pride in the works of art they create. It helps to develop their problem-solving skills, especially when faced with three dimensional problems such as sculpting. Art helps children to improve their sensory awareness and improve their manual dexterity. This is because a child needs to observe something, try to recreate what he see's in his mind's eye, and try to match it with reality.3. Helping Your Child Discover Art Appreciating works of art is as important as encouraging your child to take up art. Regardless of whether your child is a budding artist, or merely likes to look at pictures, a trip to the local art gallery will help to get the creative juices flowing. Children, at different ages, are found to appreciate different aspects of art. While a younger child will appreciate shapes and colour, older children will focus more on how realistic the painting is. It is only after a considerable amount of study in art that a child will understand symbolism and style.Today there are art books that have been specifically written for children, aiming to interest children in learning about some of the world's great painters and their masterpieces. An older child can be encouraged to tell stories using their pictures or even try his hand at drawing a comic strip.If your child has a natural talent for art, try to enroll him in as many art activities as possible. These might range from art classes to summer art courses. The important point is that you nurture your child's talent without forcing him, because that might cause him to burn out and he may start hating anything to do with art.This article was originally published on India Parenting.