Horrible Things Kids Do!

I’ve seen them. Many kids who display such behavioural traits that the first thing you want to do is go and whack…. their parents. Because I seriously think that it is the parents who are responsible as they want to do nothing about it and carry on with their lives in oblivion.Have you come across any of these and felt the same revulsion that I have?Kids who act like grown upsThe worst thing to happen to their innocent childhood is loosing the essence of it. I was in McDonald’s, where a group of 10 year olds had a birthday party. Suddenly the birthday girl rose from her chair, in the most irritating aunty like fashion went around instructing her friends to finish every morsel from their plates, reminding them how food was scarce in our country and how many beggars didn’t even get a one time meal. What she said was no doubt right but I was left with my jaws dropped in disgust. The demeanour of the girl made me dislike her. Couldn’t her parents handle that for her? Couldn’t she just laugh, giggle and enjoy the party like a 10 year old?Kids who behave as if they own the world“This is my place, and I will sit here!” I’ve heard kids announce this in school or in the school van and the other mere mortals have to make way. Who taught them this supercilious attitude? And even if parents don’t agree with their behaviour as they claim in front of the teachers, can’t they just teach some humility to their kid instead of gloating secretly?


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Kids who dominate other kidsSo we have one of these great political leaders in every gang who decides who is included and who is out. Whose turn it is to bat or who will accompany the rest for an outing. Ugh!!My house overlooks a playground and one of these days I am going to get a little strict with one of the Johnnies who behaves he rules the world. I don’t care if I have to handle his rude Hitler mother too!Kids who shout backHow do parents even tolerate this? They ask their son to stop playing and get into the car as they are late and that kid turns around and lashes out saying, “What’s your problem? Can’t you wait for some time?” Yes, yes! I am witness to this. And I have seen so many kids who speak to their parents only in a high pitched tone. Are the parents scared of their kids? Can’t they just turn around and ask them to shut up?


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Kids who get nasty with othersThese are the destructive force. They only know how to disrupt, destroy and make the others cry. They are either pulling toys and breaking them, or throwing things at others because they won’t co-operate. They don’t think twice before damaging something at their friend’s place or hit someone, and yet the mothers will take them along everywhere without working on their behaviour and then apologise profusely. Kids who are super crankyAdmit it. These chew our brains out with their non- stop bawling and whining. If this is once in a while we can exonerate the parents, but I can bet that they know their kid does this every time and they can’t let go of that wedding or that party without driving us all crazy. You smile at their kids they cry, you ask about their dress, they cry and if you bring upon the calamity of asking them for their doll or car they will bring the roof down with everyone buried!Kids who eat like nobody’s businessWe went out. All friends with our kids. And our kids came home hungry. Because, one of our dear friend’s son cannot control himself when it comes to food and he gobbled up all the fries and garlic bread on the table. He also kept pestering the remaining kids for a bite from their burgers. Next time his mom carries a huge food container from home for him or he’s out of the group as he does this every time.I know how it feels when a kid is in a stronger position and how much his parents want to dote over something that they couldn’t themselves achieve. It is self- gratifying. But I want to tell them that if these undesirable traits are not controlled or worked upon, these kids have a major challenge of co-existing in front of them. I personally suggest a home quarantine till they behave.