Home remedies for cough in children

Cough in kids can be scary, disturbing, uncomfortable and annoyingly common. Doctors no longer recommend medication to treat cough in under 6-year-olds, although parents in India still widely resort to "pediatric" cough syrups to treat the symptoms. The change in weather, sudden monsoon, the common cold, or other throat allergies can result in a cough in your child. Try these natural home remedies featured on IndiaParenting to treat your child effectively and without any chemicals -Honey Honey has been the most preferred medicine by mothers from days of yore. It reduces cough by relieving the throat and soothing any inflammation. Taken regularly it heals coughing completely. Try buying pure unadulterated honey. The dosage depends on your child’s age.  Normally half to two teaspoons are suggested. You can give it when they wake up in the morning or before they go to bed. However, honey is not recommended for children who are less than a year old.Ginger This too is a staple medicine which our grandmothers still rely on. Ginger soothes the throat and clears the mucous deposition. Never give raw ginger to your child. Crush some ginger and you can mix it with some honey and water. Feed two teaspoons of this mixture to your child.Steam Steam is not only healing but also refreshing. Steam tends to unclog blocked noses and the vapour liquefies the mucous and helps the child expel it.  Steam can be given either directly to the nose and mouth or you can give them a steam bath. Rub some mustard oil on their bodies, run a nice warm bath and bathe them with it. You can put some eucalyptus oil in the bath. This will unclog their congestion and also help them sleep better at night.Chicken SoupThis is one of the best cures for cold. Warm chicken soup has properties of soothing inflammation and it removes the mucous layer. It heals sore throat thus reducing coughs. It fights with the symptoms associated with cough.Give them a nice warm bowl of chicken soup daily for dinner. It will also help them sleep better. Make the chicken soup at home. Take 100gms of chicken. Fill a pot with 500mls of water. Boil the chicken in the water with some onion and pepper. When the water begins to turn whitish, strain the fat out and pour the clear soup in a bowl. Dice the boiled chicken into tiny pieces and put in the clear soup. Reduce it and season with salt pepper and some butter. Serve.Anise SeedAnise seed tends to dilute the mucous secretions making it easier to expel it. Take about 2 cups of water, drop 1 tablespoon of powdered anise seed. Let it stay for 30 minutes. Strain the concoction in a pot and keep boiling it till becomes a cup of liquid. Add some honey to it. You can put it in a jar and refrigerate it. Give a teaspoon of this liquid to your child every day. Daily intake of this mixture will slowly expel out the entire cough.Keep Your Child HydratedDuring cough children do not like to drink water or other fluids as it irritates the throat. Yet, staying hydrated is an essential rule. More the liquid intake more diluted the secretion of the body gets including cough causing mucous. You must make your child take liquids frequently through the day be it tea, orange juice, warm water etc.With these remedies your child is sure to recover and you would not have to rely on store bought chemicals.This article was published on IndiaParenting.