5 Holiday Horrors you need to Avoid

Yeah! Its summer time and that means two months of holiday for our children. Getting them occupied remains one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish during school vacation, especially since its summer period and secondly because it’s a long period! Where most of us would pack our bags for a holiday (either within or outside India), there are a few things we need to avoid as we get ready to welcome the vacations!1. Do not over-promise! In the excitement of planning how my little one will spend her day during holidays, I end up discussing all the to-do things with her which include things like – taking her to the park everyday, enrolling her for countless summer camps / classes, buying her toys, books and puzzles, inviting her friends over, allowing her to go to her friend’s house etc. But what I forget while planning for all this is that its vacation for her and not me! I get no respite from work – whether professional or household chores so keeping up with the promises gets overbearing! And more so do the constant reminders from her the moment she is awake.I suggest, just draw a list and keep it to yourself. Forget sharing the to-do list a day before, do not even share it on the day itself. For all you know, something important / unavoidable may crop up and you may have to make a change in plans which shall not be acceptable to your little one.2. Avoid buying toys We end up visiting a toy store as soon as its vacation time or nowadays, we resort to buying online. I have a six-year-old and trust me since last couple of years, I have been visiting toy stores during vacation ending up picking more than needed. Children do not enjoy playing with toys when they have an entire day to themselves. Rather buy more of activity books and do it yourself craft sets. That would keep them engaged for longer.3. Nani and Dadi’s House When I was a toddler, my vacations were more often than not spent at my nani’s house. I guess it was an easy option for my parents. Do not do that to your kids. If not for long, but atleast for may be 3-5 days, plan a trip to a new place. It does make a difference to them. I do vividly remember children returning to school and talking about their expeditions and I had practically nothing new to share each year. If going out with your hubby is not possible, team up with other moms and just get going!


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4. Subscription to cartoon channels If you have not subscribed to cartoon channels or if your little one is not exposed to cartoons, please keep it that way! Do not inculcate the habit of having them watch those silly cartoons which do nothing but deteriorate their soul and innocence. And for parents who have their kids glues to the television screen as soon as they are through with their night sleep, here is a suggestion – disconnect the cable for a month! That way you would not only end up spending more time with your child, but your child too shall use the time he saves away from the idiot box to do something more creative.5. Do not let go off the Rhythm If you are maintaining a rhythm than please stick to it. Do not allow yourself the liberty to let loose just because your little one has her vacations on. If she was being put to bed at 8.00 p.m., try and maintain the same. This goes for her meal times and her bathing time as well!As shared earlier, prepare a list of things you would like to accomplish this vacation – it could be teaching your child a new form of art, reading x number of story books, getting her to write better etc. The daily list can have things like sitting with your child story reading, doing a craft activity, going to the park, meeting with friends etc. but there is no hard and fast rule that you need to stick to the list. And for parents who are working, try and find out if you can have your little one in company of a relative who has children or if her grandparents can be called home. Enrolling your children for end number of summer classes is not a solution to kill time!