Himalaya baby wipes: A review.

Baby wipes can be used for a host of things, from removing makeup to cleaning the surface of where you’re going to lay the baby down before you change her. Of course, not to mention the many sticky fingers and dirty fingers they clean up.

I picked up Himalaya’s baby wipes because one of the ingredients listed is aloe vera. This was important to me because my kids have sensitive skin (as do most children) that tends to flare up a lot. Aloe vera is known to have soothing properties. I love that these wipes are thick and cottony. About two pulls can help with a not-so-messy diaper change. They’re really moist and are alcohol free, which is really great because that means it doesn’t dry the baby’s skin out. Enriched with aloe vera extracts means it suits most skins but out of three of my children, two of them reacted to it with mild rashes, that disappeared in a day. The third was quite okay with no reactions.

After having tried it on the kids, I tried it on myself to remove makeup and generally freshen up, and I am quite satisfied with the result too. I don’t have to drag too hard on the skin, and even if I am harsher than required, the cloth pull is really soft and doesn’t leave my skin hurt. The fragrance is pleasing and mild, as is the packaging itself. Not at all noisy, just in case you’re going to use it when your baby is asleep.  

Even after repeated use, the wipes didn’t dry out the skin, so the moisturising in the wipes really works. The thick wipe is almost like cloth, and it’s quite amazing because even while being soft, it doesn’t tear easily. I used this on the face as well and there was no irritation either in the eye area or in the face, which is almost unheard of even in baby wipes.

For the price, the wipes are a real bargain. This one has a tab that you can stick and unstick but my personal preference is a box with a pop up cap that only lets one pull come out at a time. But on using this I found this worked pretty well, as the seal tab is pretty secure. I would recommend this product only after you try it on your baby’s skin for reactions. Once that test is passed, this is a really good buy.

Lata Mahajan is a mother of a set of twin boys and a three-year old girl. She knows her wipes.

Product details

What: Himalaya Baby Wipes

Active ingredient: Aloe vera, Indian Lotus

Price:  Rs. 175 for a pack of 72s; Rs. 75 for a pack of 24s; Rs 40 for a pack of 12s

Rating: 4.5/5


You can buy it online at http://himalayastore.com/babycare/gentle-baby-wipes.htm