Himalaya Baby massage Oil Review

I am a big believer in oil massages, for myself as well as my kids. I grew up in a household where “oil bath” was a necessity more than once a week, well into my teens. And I hope to continue that with my kids.I usually opt for a home-cured coconut oil concoction for the kids. Apart from medicinal benefits, the added plus for me is that the oil I use is made in my ancestral home: it guarantees me complete safety. The only other time I stepped out and bought something was when a friend asked me to try the Himalaya Baby Massage oil.An olive oil-based oil, the massage oil is also enriched with almond extracts and that of ashwagandha (or winter cherry), hugely beneficial for skin of all kinds, particularly gentle for babies. It spreads easily in your hand, and across your baby’s skin without having to put too much pressure into the massage or using large amounts. It doesn’t solidify in cold weather. And it really is gentle on baby skin. Baby skin, needless to say, is super soft and gentle. Harsh smells and strong ingredients could make the baby uncomfortable, if not give it an outright rash.The Himalaya Baby Massage oil takes all this into consideration, honestly. I found there was no leftover stickiness that a heavy oil leaves even after bath. The fragrance is gentle and mild. And the skin is left moisturized. You can feel the difference in the texture of the child’s skin. What I found most impressive is that you don’t need to leave the oil on for too long. Even 20 minutes will do. In the monsoon, or during cold weather, you can’t leave a child unclothed for too long and this massage oil works perfectly because of that. I still haven’t found something I didn’t like about the oil. It works great on older kids too but older kids would probably need an oil that’s a little stronger if they are exposed to the outdoors a lot.Highlights:FragranceNon-greasyPriceAbsorptionAll-naturalRecommendation:If you’ve got a baby with sensitive skin, this is good for them too.Price:100ml – Rs. 90200ml – Rs. 165