Here’s what KJo did when he first saw his babies

Everyone's been talking nineteen to the dozen about Karan Johar's new twins. But here's KJo talking for the first time how he felt when he met his babies for the first time.

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KJo's Reaction When He Saw His Babies For The First Time

First day, when I walked to the ICU on 7th February 2017, they were born premature. They were supposed to born in April. So the first couple of days were kind of shaky but when the news came out and I went to the hospital, I saw them and I didn't even realized that there were tears rolling down my face because I just could not believe that there were 2 big pieces of me like they staring at me vulnerable innocent and all piped and tubed up. It was just the most surreal overwhelming emotion that i have ever experienced. Now I understand what others feel. I would reverse that emotion for anything."

'I Am A Bonafide Mother Of My Children'

I don't want my children to be filmmakers if they don't want to. I don't want them to run the company if they don't want to, there are other choices in life; I would encourage them as my parents encourage me. My parents always supported me and I will completely support my children. My need to have children was my sense of nurturing within and my sense that I wanted to take the love within me and channelize it into parenting because I really believe I will be able to parent. There was a deep amount of loneliness that i felt there was a vacuum that so beautifully filled by my 2 children. When I see them and hold them, i cannot explain the feeling. I don't think that I can explain the feeling. No one could have mother of my children because I am the mother of my children, I am bonafide mother of my children, and I am more of a mother to them than a father.

On Being Subjected To Trolls On Social Media

I am a sadist, I love hearing abuse; it entertains me. At first, I used to get angry, then I was indifferent and now I look forward to it.

'I Don't Want My Reality To Be A Headline'

Talking about how his sexuality has often been a topic of discussion, KJo said, "It's actually a summation of all my thoughts. My sexuality has been spoken about on several occasions, has been asked me on several platforms such as this, so it has always been in the back of my mind. So I have said that I won't be making any sweeping statements because I don't want my reality to be a headline. I have said enough about that ‘zone' in my life and everybody already knows so why do I have to go on and on about it."

On Infidelity

A happy marriage jolts me, infidelity does exist. In today's time love can't heal everything, rather hatred can.

Karan Wants Ranbir Kapoor To Play Him On Screen

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are the most talented in the industry. In my biopic, Ranbir Kapoor can play me, Juhi Chawla as my mother and Rishi Kapoor as my father.