Here’s the competition for baby Taimur’s birthday cake!

Well, lil Taimur hasn’t turned one yet so it would be a little too early to predict what his birthday cake will look like. An instagram sensation with the very first party of his life, the lil tyke’s first birthday will be one to watch out for!

Speaking of parties, Bollywood is brimming with mommies who are (looking drop dead glamourous), sparing no expense to have the most calorifically loaded, gorgeous cakes for their kids. We are still wondering if these yummy mummies ever ate a slice of the divine cakes they put out to their guests. Looking at those abs... we are guessing nooo way!

Nowadays metropolises are packed with bakers. Malls have cafeterias that bake, small baking salons that offer delectable confectionery and home bakers who use good products and bake with their heart. The best part is that all the cakes taste different and look really great.

Here’s a list of the dishiest cakes that our A-list celebrities cut for their kids. Feast your eyes on the most drool worthy cakes. Tell us which one is for your little angel!

Princess and her cakes

Aaradhya Bachchan’s 4th birthday had a Disney themed cake that is beautiful and dreamy in a way that reminds us of princesses living in castles. Take a look at those huge pink towers and that glittering silver tiara. By comparison, the 3rd birthday party theme seems to be bunnies and stars and in a magical snow world. There are gifts lying beautifully packed in a corner and lots of spiral lollipops stuck into the soft sponge of the cake.

Hmm... judging by the cake, we’d say that Aaradhya darling is a lil softie taken in by the wonderful world of fantasy and dreams. Awww

We’d rank these cakes as number 3 in our list.

Watch Riteish Deshmukh bake his first cake for his son!

When Rahyl turned one, Riteish baked his first cake. Watch this video! Doesn’t matter that cheesecake is one of the simpler things to make, we give him the 1st runners-up award simply for trying. We also love the fact that he went for a blueberry cheesecake, (its’ our favourite kind of cheesecake too!) that adults love. In all honestly when does a 1 year old eat more than a spoonful of any birthday cake? Might as well bake for yourself!

When carousel a cake became!

And we have a winner!! This is the cake that was easily the most breathtaking of them all. This powder blue and while carousel themed cake, was created to celebrate Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma’s first born- Ahil’s first birthday party. It towered over all the guests who were invited to baby Ahil’s birthday party fashionably brought in by the Khan-daan at Maldives. For the newbies, Arpita Khan is Salman Khan’s most favourite sister for whom no expense has ever been spared. Be it her birthday, her wedding, her baby shower or now her son’s birthday Sallu bhai has always come through in style.

This 4-tired cake has been carefully worked over to bring the Parisian dream of a carousel alive. The gold trimmings on each tier stand out as hand-made horses dangle from each level of the cake. As if this wasn’t enough, the cake has another attendant one that is exactly the same hue, but an entirely new theme. This one has sugar-paper guitars stuck on a cake that is held together with an Michelangelo-isque statue of a little boy in sugar.

Our vote goes to this cake! Do you agree?

Yummy mummy = yummy cake

Viaan Raj Kundra’s 5th birthday cake was both gorgeous and colourful. The cake had a boundary wall of kit-kat bars stuck all around it and was studded with gems. The ivory marshmallows added to make it a fantasy treat for kids! As an added plus, Shilpa Shetty glows with a satisfied inner beauty in this pic with her kid. The cupcakes on the side are necessary when you have little children for guests. Cupcakes can be distributed without the messy cutting of the cakes in perfect sizes. Because, this is an easily reproducible cake..try this for your child’s birthday!

Twin Dreams

This one is really heart-warming. Knowing all the drama that has surrounded the Sanjay Dutt family, twins Shahraan and Iqra are growing up to be lovely siblings with personalities of their own. Shahraan’s 6th birthday cake here seems like an adorable reflection of him. The cake has ghosts and ghouls with a bhoot bangla in the back ground. By contrast Iqra’s has caring for animals and man with dog in arms. We are in love with the attention to detail the parents have put in their kids’ birthday cakes. That’s why this one gets the 2nd runners up award.

Nautical Theme

Tushaar Kapoor gets a big hug from us for starting a whole new trend in Bollywood. So when Lakshya turned one, naturally it was a glitzy event attended by most of the industry. It was also Kareena’s son Taimur’s first outing into the world of parties. The theme for the party was nautical so naturally the cake reflected it. It is a simple fondant covered cake with dolphin, crabs and a lovely little light house. Though this cake is beautiful in its simplicity, doesn’t rise in our charts!

Do you agree with our ratings? Do write in and tell us.

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