Here’s the Mother’s Day video that’s making Genelia, Madhavan and Shilpa Shetty cry

It's not just a mother who loves like a mother, it could be someone else who loves you just like one. Your father, your elder sister, your grandmother even. This new ad talks about just that.
Curated: NDTV

With Mother's Day just around the corner, Nivea is celebrating not just mothers but all mother-like figures who care and nurture, just like mothers do. Their latest ad is a tribute to everyone who is #JustLikeMaa. At an orphanage, a little girl gets ready to meet her new family as her caretaker 'didi' dresses her up. Before she says bye to her didi, though, she hands her something. Watch the video to find out what it is.

The heartwarming video seems to have struck a chord with its 1.5 million viewers. "You don't have to be a birth mother to have a plethora of love inside you. A mother's love comes in various forms. This one ad has touched the chord so beautifully. Unconditional love defined in its purest form," writes one commentator on YouTube.

On Twitter too, celebrities have posted the ad and spoken about the people they consider to be mother figures.

Watch the full ad below: