Having One Kid – 10 on 10!

“But your child will need a sibling. Imagine if you were the only child and did not have Lavina (my sister) and Rohan (my brother). Wouldn’t you have been lonely?” This was my aunt’s reaction when she heard me say – “For me, it is just Samaira. Having a second one…NO WAYS!”What aunt Veena said was not entirely wrong but then today, when I am 33 and my sis is 34, we both are so occupied with our own lives that at times we end up not talking for days together. And this applies to my younger sibling as well. It is always fun when we have a family get together but then in the last 12 years, such an occasion has come in just twice considering my sis is settled abroad and my brother lives in another city. It was different when we were kids. Considering we (my sister and I) hardly had any age difference, we ended up playing together, studying together and doing a host of things which ideally we would have ended up doing with friends had we not had each other. But then again, I do know of my friends who inspite of having siblings still would  prefer being with their friends. So aunt Veena’s argument that my daughter would be left alone in absence of a sibling was debatable.After auntie Veena left, I asked myself a question – How great an idea it is to just have one kid?So, here goes the list!


10 Great reasons of having just one child
  1. As a second child, I would often crib that my elder sis was the apple of my parent’s eye and I just happened to be a no-one to them. With just Samaira by my side,  I would save myself of making my younger one go through a similar feeling.
  2. With my first child being a girl, what if the second one is a boy? I don’t want to be in a situation where my in-laws who were so fixed on having a baby boy end up loving him more at the cost of ignoring my little princess.
  3. Choosing one over the other when both want the same thing. The very thought of convincing two little children to let go to make their sibling happy sounds a mammoth task! Here, all my attention would just be for Samaira.
  4. Being a referee when you don’t want to. It sounds scary to be in a situation when you have to take sides.
  5. When one child falls sick, but naturally all your attention is diverted to her. With most of us  living as a nuclear family; it would be a task to find someone where we could leave our child, in case of emergency.
  6. Schools today are taxing and demanding – in terms of time and money. With two children, it would be a task to accomplish – right from the admission to narrowing down on extra curricular activities that would suit the temperament of our children to the chores of dropping and picking up!
  7. With me fearing being behind the steering wheel, I end up taking my two wheeler. With two kids, who will I manage?
  8. I ended up looking up to my sister for everything. With no sibling, the child is left alone to fend for herself in times of distress thus making her mentally strong.
  9. No comparison of any kind between the siblings so no one feels overpowered or rejected.
  10. Even with both of us working, at times, it does get difficult to manage the finances, especially when we have to go for holidays ,outings. With a second child, there would be a further strain on the monthly expense.
Not so great reasons of having only one child
  1. Kids learn to share when they have siblings: Sharing can be taught without having a sibling as well. It is a myth that kids learn to share better when they have a sibling. Had that been the case, there would be no fights for property and money!
  2. She would be alone: How? My hubby and I are there and then anyways she would have her set of friends
  3. God forbid, if anything were to happen to us, what would she do alone?: In case such a dreadful thing did happen, how would having a sibling help? In fact, she would have an added responsibility of taking care of the younger one.
Where my Pro’s reached number 10, I could manage only three con’s and all three were avoidable as you can read above. I think I am happy with my Samaira. She has me and I have her.