Happy Marriage = Happier Children

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It is no rocket science to understand that a good quality seed, when planted in a good quality soil, and given good quality water, nutrients and sunshine produces good quality crop. Every farmer knows and remembers this truth, even though he may be illiterate. However, we, the literate people, don’t always remember this universal truth in our own personal lives.What is a good quality seed?A zygote (the first human cell or The Seed) is formed by the union of a sperm with an ovum. The ‘quality’ of this seed is determined by the genes of both people, their emotional states during conception, their usual mental states, and their relationship status. In the olden days, this ‘quality’ was ensured by the prevailing environment that gave immense value to personal integrity of a human being. In the present scenario, each one of us has to ensure that integrity in a world full of ‘hypocrisy’, which honestly is an uphill task - and we may not be up to it. It helps to honestly acknowledge the ‘quality’ of our seed and to remember, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”What is a good quality soil?

happy parents make happy children- Parenting resources by ZenParent

A medium quality seed, when sown in a good quality soil can still produce a bumper crop. In a family, ‘the soil’ or ‘the field’ is the relationship between the parents. This is the foundation on which a family grows. Take a good look at your marital relationship. See it as your children see it. Notice how you and your partner relate to each other. Do you raise your voice when you disagree? Do you sulk when you don’t get what you want? Be truthful with your answers. Learn more harmonious ways of communicating and strengthening your partnership. You owe it to your children for a harmonious home is the first requirement of a child.What are the good quality nutrients?Just like a plant, a child too needs good quality water, air, sunlight, and nutritious food. This is well known to all. What is not so well known is that the plants as well as children need a stress-free loving environment to thrive! Such an environment is imperative not just for your child’s well-being but also for a healthy family bonding. So, identify your stress-causing troubles and try to resolve them.Also take a good look at your lifestyle and be mindful of your choices regarding eating a healthy diet, maintaining a regular exercise regimen, refraining from drinking and smoking etc. Both the partners must support each other and make a shift in the lifestyle if needed. After all home is the first place where children learn their habits.I have learnt that by choosing to experience motherhood/fatherhood, we have essentially chosen to experience LOVE.  And our precious children do not rest until they sandpaper all our rough spots, just as we sandpaper theirs. Our collective welfare lies in understanding the truth that we are all in it together – marching towards our growth and evolution. Let’s ENJOY this journey!