Happy Easter!

Easter Egg hunts are great fun- Parenting Resources by ZenParent
Easter, is a spring time festival that is celebrated as the day when Christ was resurrected.  It is celebrated on the first Sunday after the FIRST full moon of the northern spring equinox. This is a very special event for Christians who celebrate it as the rising of Christ from the dead and absolving humanity of their sins.When the chocolate bunnies come out and there are colourful eggs all around, you know Easter is just around the corner. Have you ever wondered why Easter is famous for its egg hunts and rabbits? What has the bunny to do with Easter? Well, before Christ, the holiday was celebrated for the goddess “Eostara” who was considered the goddess of Fertility.  The word “Easter” is said to come from that name. Since rabbits procreate at a very rapid rate and since the egg represents the beginning of a new life, rabbits and eggs were considered symbols of fertility and celebrated in this festival.Egg painting, basket hunt and delicious chocolate - I can't wait to introduce Easter to my kids! Here are some fun Easter traditions to try out this year.Decorate the House in an Easter ThemeIt’s time to bring out all the ribbons and streamers. All those stunning spring time blooms invading the market have totally caught my fancy. I just can’t resist filling up the vases with some tulips or daffodils for a bit of spring flair.Bake some Easter CakesThese are delicious and fun to make. It is also not a bad idea to let the kids dirty their hands in the kitchen. They can completely take charge of decorating the cake with eggs and can get as creative as they want. If you don't fancy cooking, then head to the local bakery for varieties of Easter egg candies like chocolate eggs, sugared eggs, cookies and much more.easter3new Easter can be a time for GivingWe make it a point to celebrate at least one event every year by visiting a few orphanages and giving away some toys and clothes we have kept aside. Visiting nursing homes, donating food to a food drive, making Easter baskets for the less fortunate, anything like this would be a great way to share Easter's joy with everyone!easter2newPaint or Decorate Easter EggsCan there be any activity more joyous than this for the kids! Decorating eggs actually dates back to the Middle Ages when birds’ eggs were brightly painted to reflect the colours of spring.I have got out the felt pens and some stickers for the younger one as he is a wee bit clumsy with the paints yet, but my older one has some funky ideas to decorate the eggs this time. I can’t resist painting an egg or two myself! This certainly is the best part of Easter for us.Have an Easter Egg HuntWhen I was a kid, I loved the whole idea of searching for hidden Easter eggs to put into my basket. Now that I’m a mom, I'm equally excited about finding fun places to hide them in! Some possible hiding spots could be the washing machine, the neighbour’s house, in the (cold) oven, amidst their toys, in the deep freezer, underneath their beds, in the car… let your imagination run wild here!Have a great Easter and make some terrific memories with your little ones!