Happiness while Sleeping

My Sleeping Child….The World’s So Wild… But You’ve Build Your Own Paradise…That’s One Reason Why  I’ll Cover You Sleeping Child… - Michael Learns to RockThink about the times you have slept with a grudge or an argument or worse a fight with your partner. Tossing and turning accompanied with restlessness that would last until morning and till the time things settle down isn’t something we haven’t gone through. Now think about the days when you slept post a lovely evening out or a refreshing conversation with your loved one / friends. How was it? Morning was all happy and chirpy, right?The activities and events during bedtime have a tremendous effect on our happiness quotient and more so for kids. It is crucial that there is warmth and peace at bedtime for your child to be happy. A child who sleeps with commotion around her is bound to have an irritable mood and short attention spans.


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Things to Do when you are putting your Child to Sleep
  1. Appropriate night wear: Softer the fabric, better for the child. Do not make the child wear anything in darker shades. Pastel shades are a perfect option for little ones. The print needs to be soothing.
  2. A Light Massage: You may choose to do this with or without oil. But please do give a light massage to the child before putting her to sleep. It just helps her tiny body relive the day’s stress from running and playing around. If you are choosing an oil, let it be a non-greasy oil
  3. Eucalyptus oil: This works like magic! Just a few drops of it on her pillow or clothes. The warmth it creates is unmatched.  
  4. Bedtime story: Pick up a storybook appropriate to her age. Please, no stories of monsters or witches even if these are a part of the bedtime story book. The stories need to be of happy incidents / events / families / lives. Period.
  5. Switch off the lights. Let there be just a night light on. You can invest in a night-light that is specially made for children. It is soothing for the little one and creates the necessary warmth.
  6. A cosy fleece blanket / quilt: If you choose to keep the air-conditioning on, make sure you pick up a nice cosy quilt for her, preferably a fleece baby blanket
  7. A lullaby or soft instrumental music: If you are not comfortable singing a lullaby, put on gentle / soft instrumental music.
  8. Affirmations: Once your child is off to sleep, read out some affirmations. These could be simple ones like – I love you so much my child. You are a happy, positive and healthy child.
The Strict Don’ts
  • No news channels! If you have to watch news, put her to sleep and keep the volume as low as possible. Make sure the noise does not reach your little one. It is no secret that news readers / anchors these days don’t read news – they scream and shout!
  • No arguments with your partner or anyone at home before or after your little ones goes off to sleep even if she is just a day old! Children absorb things.
  • No mobile phones in the room your child is sleeping. Not even phones kept on the silent mode.
There are a lot of things we tend to take for granted keeping in mind the busy lives we live. Where sleeping can be a necessity for us, for a child, it is an activity that is an integral part of her development. No cutting corners here!