Where hair is concerned let natural ingredients lead the way

Sandhya Menon


The one lasting memory I have of a conversation that happened day in and day out during my childhood was about oiling my hair. Even today, as a mother of two, my mother asks me if I do it regularly. As a teenager, and in a family blessed with healthy hair, my mother spent great time and effort making sure it was thick and lustrous. It isn't as thick now, so I go back and ask her what her secrets are. And I am unsurprised to find that the remedies are all natural.



From massaging your child’s hair with oil to including things in her diet that promote healthy hair, Indian mothers firmly believe in natural methods to make sure their children have a full, shiny mane. Even in the face of science, and all the things that are available, most remedies for falling and growing hair come from the kitchen. And why not? For centuries, home remedies have worked for our children, and Indian hair is among the healthiest in the world (so much that it is in great demand for making natural-hair wigs.)


Some of the key ingredients that came from my mother’s secrets are hibiscus, curry leaves and coconut oil. A mixture made from hibiscus and its leaves, something we call taali in Malayalam, is integral to hair growth. Its extracts cleanse, condition and increase the chances of healthy strands. This same ingredient is also the key active ingredient in the Himalaya Baby Shampoo. Combined with chickpeas (a natural source of protein, which is essential for your hair) and khus grass, which has immense anti-fungal and cooling properties, the Himalaya Baby Shampoo doesn't just cleanse but also nourishes, promoting healthy hair in children.


An ideal routine for you to follow should be something like this: Warm an oil of your choice (I am partial to coconut oil or a mix of olive and coconut oil in equal parts). Massage it into your child’s scalp and go right down to the tips of her hair. I usually leave it overnight, but leaving it for a couple of hours will do too. Take appropriate amounts of Himalaya Baby Shampoo and wash away the oil. There’s no need to reapply the shampoo because it does well at first application. A routine like this, when followed twice or thrice a week, will ensure that your child’s body temperature is regulated, her hair nourished and best of all, gives her adequate sleep!