Had sex during periods? Here’s what will happen!

Periods are never fun, except when you don’t want to get pregnant. Ask any woman and she will tell you how much she hates the monstrous pain. However, there is one thing all women like during periods but never talk about. SEX! Yes, no matter how gross or dirty, period sex is fun.

And even doctors have confirmed that period sex is absolutely safe and good. So here are 10 reasons why you must get naughty when you are bleeding down there. 

1.    It helps you ease out those terrible period cramps. The release of oxytocin during orgasm, elevates your mood and physical feeling, helping you overcome the feeling of a fat man sitting on your uterus.

2.    Having sex during periods helps you and your partner break the stigma about periods and period blood.

3.    Periods are the time when you will feel sexier and have an increased urge to make out. So, you can be sure to have one hell of a time when you are at it.

4.    You need not be worried if your man pours a little inside you because chances of you getting pregnant are super slim.

5.    It is not all that messy. On an average, women bleed out about 30-40 ml of blood when she’s on her periods. And that’s why we bleed for about 3-5 days every month.

6.    Bid goodbye to that extra lubrication. During periods your body will produce enough fluids to keep your lady parts wet. So, you can keep going at it without a fuss.

7.    Studies have shown that having sex during periods will help you unleash your wild side. And that means more fun and longer hours! Plus, you are also going to increase your man’s ego.

8.    Everybody loves it! No one talks about it, but ask any woman and she will without hesitation admit how much she loves getting laid when she’s on her period. The blood can gross you out a bit, but hey you can get things cleared later.

9.    Your food cravings will elevate. So instead of grabbing a bar, pour some on your man and get freaky in the sheets.

10.    And lastly, having sex during periods helps to build a bond with your partner. After all, he will get to know your body better and also understand your wavering moods.

Feature image source: newhealthadvisor.com