Guess what Bangalore will be doing this Father’s day weekend?

“Where to go with my child, it’s raining all the time,” cries a mother who has been bitten by a bug. It is called the ‘lazy rainy season’ creepy-crawly who is known to bite the best of us. Makes us want to bunk our gym and instead hop to the kitchen to snack on those crispy spicy goodies with a cup of  steaming hot sweetened chai.If your workdays are packed then weekend is the only time you have to revive and replenish your child’s family energy reserves. So put on those boots and go experiencing some amazing things on offer in namma Bengaluru.

1. Go baking!

Nothing is as comforting as biting into a hot steaming pav bun on a rainy day. Now imagine baking it yourself with your child. If your eyes are sparkling at the prospect, then head to Thanisandra for Shini’s cooking class that is holding a special Saturday class for wanna-be bakers. The class is between 10 – 2, and she promises to take you through 10 to 15 different types of breads to make your mouth water. If your child is interested in learning tag them along and who knows they might just learn a thing or two about the art of baking! If you are learning to bake do send us a tray of spicy buns as a thank you for pointing you in the right direction J. You will learn to make milk, multi grain, whole wheat, spinach, garlic pull-apart buns, foccacia, coriander rolls.... mouth waters.

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2.   Guided painting classes

Who says painting is meant only for the artistically inclined. Truth is painting is a great way to bond with an introverted child, or one with shorter attention spans. This guided painting is almost meditative in nature where the artist guides you to make the dotted version of the mandala arts. Take a look at these dads and moms with their kids who are enjoying creating a special place for themselves by bonding over spiritual art.

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3. Laugh till the cows come home!

How Cow Now Cow is play meant for children that is set in a wonderful world that stretches far beyond a typical farm. It’s non judgmental tone and openness allows children to interpret the performance in several ways. In the story all hell breaks loose on the peaceful farm when Rosamma the cow gets cranky. She yells and scolds and rants and raves sending all the other animals into a tizzy. So much so that the farmer is forced to do some quick thinking to solve the problem. Go here with your child to enjoy storytelling, live music, puppets, objects and imagery to tell the story of travel, adventure and companionship.

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