Group Tuitions or Private Coaching – Which is better for my Child?

As much as we would like to teach our children ourselves, many of us don’t have the time or the expertise to do it. Let’s face it- sometimes we don’t have the inclination either- we have dragged ourselves through that process and loath to redo organic chemistry all over again! Today, it seems like almost every child is in some tuition of some sort. Tuitions can be in a group setting or a private setting. Private tuitions of course is more expensive than group tuitions. How do you decide which one will work better for your child? You don’t have time to lose during the higher grades and you cannot waste time in a setting that simply will not work for your child. Here are 5 things to consider before you make that decision. 1. Purpose:  The objective of sending your child to tuition has to be clear. If it is for an entrance exam, then a group tuition centre which might have stock materials, previous years question papers, a clear methodology of teaching students to take that exam will be a better set up than individual teacher who may know the subject well, but does not have access to the materials of the particular exam.2. Time: How much time do you have? If your child needs to cover a lot of material in a short space of time then definitely private tutoring is the way to go. Group settings will proceed at their own pace and if your child is already a little behind, he might find himself lagging more and more. What is your target and how much time you have to get there is an important factor to consider.3. Personality:  If your child is extroverted and not shy to ask questions in a group setting, then a group setting work for your child. However if he is ashamed to ask questions when in a group setting, then a 'one on one' would work better. Also, some children do well when there is a little bit of competition to egg them on to give their best whereas others do well when not pressurized to compete. So gauge the environment that would best suit your child’s predispositions.4. Ambition: Some children are driven to demand more of themselves while others take it easy. Children who are self driven would do okay in a group setting, because they will ensure that they get the best value of out the tutoring. However if your child is a 'coaster' then more personalized attention would get better results.5. Current Level: How badly is your child doing in the subject that you are considering tuition for? If you think your child needs a lot of help, then a one on one tutor would be able to gauge your child’s weaknesses and specifically target those areas which would enable him to improve faster. He might be a little lost in a group setting where children of different abilities are lumped together, like school! It might also be embarrassing for your child to repeatedly come up with questions and clarifications. So if your child is really weak in a subject, definitely go for one on one tutoring. On the other side, if your child is doing well, but you want him to be exceptional, again he might need some very specific coaching to reach the next level. Group coaching largely caters to the averages.While we may consider all of the above factors, finally it might ultimately boil down to cost and logistics. If private tutoring is too expensive or if the logistics of driving your child to these centres is just  impossible in today’s crazy traffic conditions, then you may have to settle for whatever is possible and doable, because ultimately, it becomes all about consistency. If your child can keep up with any form of coaching consistently, do their homework regularly and keep improving, it will be of much greater value than signing up with a place where because of logistics he tends to miss classes often.Click here to find a tutor to come and teach your child in the convenience of your home!flipclass-08 (2)(This story was written in collaboration with