Gripe water for babies: Everything you ever wanted to know!

A lot of new mothers are usually clueless about most things associated with their newborns or even infants. Not everyone has a mother or mother in law for help, and in most practical cases, doctors aren’t easily available. So in this article, we are going to talk about the one thing that really bothers new moms - gripe water.

What is gripe water?

Gripe water is an age-old formula used to relieve colic and other gastrointestinal ailments and discomforts of infants. It was first used in the mid-1800s in England to soothe babies after an outbreak of malaria. Dr. William Woodward them formulated the water for commercial purposes, and even today, Woodward’s Gripe Water is a very popular tool for mothers trying to calm colicky babies.

What does gripe water contain?

Gripe water contains ingredients such as Anethum Graveolans (dill seed) oils and Sarjikakshara, both of which are proven remedies for colic pain and other stomach discomforts. It also provides relief to teething newborns.

What it does not contain is alcohol, gluten, starch, dairy products, wheat, yeast, artificial flavours or colours. Please check the bottle of gripe water when you are buying to make sure none of these ingredients are in it.

Is gripe water safe for babies?

There is no scientific evidence to prove that gripe water is unsafe for babies. Most people believe that apart from the remedial ingredients, it is the sugar in gripe water that calms down a colicky baby, but overall, for generations, gripe water has proved effective against gastrointestinal discomfort in children. It can even be given to newborns for relief from discomfort

At what age can you give your baby gripe water?

Gripe water can be given right after birth. However, the dosage will vary by age. Please check with your doctor about the recommended dose for your baby

Can you add gripe water to formula or expressed milk

Gripe water is most effective when it is administered on its own. It is best not to mix it with formula or expressed milk. In fact, part of why gripe water is so effective is its taste. Children like the sugary taste of gripe water, and therefore, it is best to give them gripe water without mixing anything in it.

How should you give gripe water to your baby

Depending on the dose recommended by your doctor, give your baby gripe water in a clean spoon with blunt edges or through a clean dropper. Never pour gripe water directly into the baby’s mouth from the bottle.

How long does it take to take effect?

There is really no approximation here. Every baby is different, and how soon gripe water will work depends on your baby and the intensity of colic.

Are there any side effects of gripe water?

There are no known side effects of gripe water.

How long can I give gripe water to my baby?

You can give gripe water till your baby’s colic symptoms go away. You can also give gripe water to your baby when he is teething, and when you have weaned him and he is eating solids.

Does gripe water have other uses?

Gripe water is used to give relief from digestive discomfort in your baby. You can give your baby gripe water not only when he has colic, but also when there is any other digestive issues. Children have a lot of indigestion and gas when they are teething and after they have been introduced to solid food. Gripe water can be an excellent remedy then too.

How soon should I finish the bottle?

Gripe water has a 2-year shelf life usually. After opening the bottle, keep it in a cool dry place and you can use it till it expires. But please note, gripe water does not need refrigeration.

When should I NOT give gripe water to my baby?

Do not give gripe water to your baby if he has any other medical conditions or if the doctor has expressly told you not to.

Is Woodward’s gripe water banned?

No! It is still very much in use and is probably the most trusted gripe water for babies. It contains no harmful ingredients and is very safe for your baby, as it probably was for you at that age.


Feature image: Zaytung