Grandma’s remedies for when your kid is unwell! (P.S: Recipes included)

The monsoons are here and we know what kids like doing these days! Playing in puddles, making paper boats and merely enjoying the smell of wet earth can sound exciting even for adults. And when it comes to kids, the fun only doubles! However, as much we love to let them make their childhood a memorable one, we also dread the onslaught of diseases that can affect kids.

That said, running to the hospital at wee hours can be every parent’s worst nightmare. So, before you call or head to your doctor, here are a few harmless home remedies you can consider before you reach out for that acetaminophen.

But, also keep in mind to let your doctor know about what’s happening!

Cough and cold

Kids love playing in the water and rainy seasons are reason enough for them to dash and splash in dirty puddles. Well, while they do have a lot of fun, it’s us who face the repercussions. The fluctuating temperatures and all the outdoor play can lead to nose block, cough and headache. And let’s face it, sometimes even multivitamins, a healthy diet and wearing the right clothes fail us from keeping infections at bay.

What to do

1. Turmeric and honey: Kids love honey and we can take full advantage of this. Mix a pinch of turmeric with a teaspoon of honey and ask you kid to eat a spoon. Honey and turmeric have antiseptic properties which can fight infection and also cure a sore throat.

2. Tulsi and ginger with honey: Wiki calls Tulsi the Holy Basil and we Indians know way to well about this humble herb. Tulsi has a whole lot of healing properties and is great for a cough and cold. Mix a little Tulsi with some ginger paste. Go easy on the ginger as it can be too spicy for kids. Top it with a little honey and let your kid gulp down a teaspoon.

3. Ajwain: If you can get your kids used to these tiny seeds, there can be nothing better to battle the viral flu. Simply roast some ajwain and add it in your kid’s milk, along with some jaggery and let them sip on it.  


If a cough and cold come visiting, fever is an uninvited guest you need to gear up for!

What to do

Firstly, make sure your kids wash their hands before and after meals. Also, carry a sanitizer every time you step out. One best home remedy to ward off the viral is the age-old Neem.

Neem: Neem is an excellent antiseptic. So simply boil a few leaves in water and get your kid to drink the water. You can also throw in a few leaves in your baby’s bath tub.

Basil, garlic, and ginger: Garlic helps to bring down the temperature by encouraging sweating, while basil and ginger are loaded with antibacterial properties to bring down the fever. Just boil some garlic, ginger, and basil to water and get it boiling. You can get kids to drink this ‘tea’ twice a day. You can also grate some ginger and add it to your kid’s bath water.

Stomach Ache

Trust kids to put their fingers in the mouth after touching the dirtiest surfaces and they sure won’t let you down. Germs and dirt transfer very fast into the child’s mouth and there after their tiny tummies. Also, make sure to wash your hands every time you change their diaper or wipe their privates.

What to do

1. Asafoetida or Hing: An age-old ingredient, hing is one ingredient present in all out kitchens. Throw in a few teaspoons in a hot kadhai, add some ghee and let it crackle. Apply this on your kid’s tummy in a circular motion. Make sure you apply it hot. You can also add hing in buttermilk and get your child to sip on it.

2. Honey and Ginger: Like for other infections honey and ginger are tummy’s best friends too. Dissolve it in warm water, strain and serve it to your kids.

3. Curd: Dahi or curd is rich in good bacteria called Lacto Bacilli, which improves the bacterial flora in the stomach. However, make sure you don’t serve it with sugar. Add a pinch of salt and hing instead.


Diarrhea is very common among kids, especially among the younger ones. However, treating it immediately can be very important to avoid dehydration.

What to do

1. Ginger: Ginger helps in destroying bacteria in the stomach. Simply boil some in water, add a pinch of jaggery, strain and serve the tea.

2. Lemon juice: Lemon is antibacterial and is great for kids. Squeeze a whole lemon and add adequate water to this. Give this 3-4 times a day to neutralise the bacteria and reduce acidity in the stomach. You could also sweeten it by adding a little honey.

3. Potato: Potatoes are rich in starch and can help kids battle diarrhea. They also help in hardening the stools and soon diarrhoea will be under control.

4. Starchy fluids: Boil brown or white rice and strain the water. This liquid can be given throughout the day for hardening the stools.

5. Mustard water: Add a spoon of mustard seeds and heat it in a pan. Once the seeds burst, add some water and let it boil. Allow the mixture to cool and strain it. You can give this water 2-3 times a day to stop diarrhea.

P.S: The above-mentioned home remedies can be given to kids above 1 or 2 years. However, make sure you consult your doctor before you go ahead and follow these, especially if your child is allergic to a few foods.

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