I Got My Period Only When I Was fifteen- Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is currently busy promoting her upcoming social drama 'PadMan'. The film deals with the issue of menstruation hygiene. During the promotional event she share her opinion about the menstruation and her experience when she got her periods for the first time. Girls..& it worth a reading.

Curated from India Times

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is one outspoken actress. She doesn’t hold back to share her opinion on anything. She is one of the few actresses who is not ashamed to speak about her periods public? Not really.

Sonam's next is Padman which is a real story of a man (Arunachalam Muruganantham) who introduced sanitary napkins in rural areas for the betterment of women.

Sonam interacted with the media looking nothing less than a queen in simple white shirt and black trousers. The fashionista insisted that she may look different but is a normal girl who wants to inspire everyone by doing a different kind of cinema. Ms Kapoor is extremely proud of being a part of Padman as she feels that no girl would have the courage to do a film on period, but she didn't even think before saying yes to the film.

"I have been brought up beautifully by my parents. My parents have never made me feel that something is wrong with me one because I am a girl, or I get my period or I am an actress. I went to an amazing school where I had equal education on everything including sex and period. Everybody is not privileged like me. I am at the different phase, where I can create awareness or an exposure, lots of girls will be scared to do a film on period, but I didn't even think before signing."


“I was 15 when I got my period, all my friends had got way before me, so I was very upset with that when I actually got my first period I was very relieved because I kept telling my mom that there is something wrong with me because I am not getting my period.”

We haven’t seen anything or faced harsh things during our period because we live in the metropolitan city. Hardly we have faced the stigma of not going temple during our period, or not touch pickles, I don’t understand what will happen to that pickles but anyway, the girls from rural areas have been treated awfully during their period and that’s the real problem. The substitute for a pad for them is ashes, leaves, dirty clothes and what not", concludes Sonam.

"To know only 12 percent of women have access to sanitary napkins is very disheartening. We are only 50 percent of the population and in that only 12 percent of women have access to sanitary napkins.The Veere Di Wedding actress is very hopeful that this film create more awareness on using sanitary napkins especially in rural areas.