Going to the gym alone? Results could double if you try this!

This is the latest clip of Kareena Kapoor Khan working out with her childhood friend Amrita Arora.

Kickin and punching away the weekend ✊?✊?? Thankyou @ithinkfitness for this slyyyyy video ?✌?️

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If that doesn’t make you go WOW!, little else will. Try doing 25 reps of this right now! Go ahead. Unless your abdominal muscles are tight you will in all likelihood lose your balance and stumble backwards. To do these leg pulls as this pace itself means that the Kareena is fast achieving her fitness goals and gaining back all the muscle tone that she may have lost during her pregnancy. Already her post baby pooch (you know what we are talking about) is vanishing super fast adn it is happening right before our eyes! This video was uploaded two days ago. That means she doesn’t take weekends off either.

1. Quality time:

New parents Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are religious with their gym rituals as they are about everything else. Here is a picture of them returning from the gym sweaty but with a fit glow about them. As every parent knows only too well once the infant enters our life, every other goal seems to go out of the window. The first thing that suffers is your relationship with your partner. Second fatality is one’ fat that builds up and refuses to budge!

So this time they take out to be themselves again will go a long way in building their relationship!

2. Friends remind you of your fitness goals

Here is another siren, the super gorgeous Malaika Arora who is easily lifting her body weight with her seemingly twiggy arms! She is working out with Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara, who by the way is decades younger! This, my friends, doesn’t come without being taking fitness as a sacrosanct mantra to be whispered every single day.

3. Love your partner’s body

Here is the new couple Bipasha Basu returning from the gym with Karan Singh Grover. The two of them are fitness fiends. Look at Bipasha punch with all she’s got. This could easily be one of the things that the celebrity couple love about each other, their dedication to building strong fit bodies. When your relationship hits a rough patch, these shared passions go a long way in mending them.

4. Friends keep you push harder

Here is another video, of Kareena and Amrita building their core muscles. Make no bones about it, this is sheer hard work. Abs will scream in pain and the entire body is likely to hurt as you put on those high heeled shoe for the evening party. But what keeps them going is the fact that the other would turn up for the workout, and that motivates them to push harder.

5. Endorphins

The endorphins that the body releases post workout helps is the overall feeling of health and vitality. When these hormones are secreted with a partner it creates a lasting feel-good bond that makes you smile energetically all day and also creates a romantic space for the two of you to connect when you are feeling your highest! After all exercise high is the best kinda high right after - you know what we mean!