Fun Board Games to Teach Kids about Money

Children learn best through play. And research tells us play helps kids grow mentally strong and healthy. As parents are the biggest supporters for a child’s learning, ensure that you offer enough play time, both indoor and outdoor, and help kids promote cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional development.

Here we compiled a few interesting educational board games for kids. Some of these are based on strategy, while some involve an element of chance. But all of them teach money management skills in one way or the other.

1. Monopoly

Theme: Players in this game take the role of landowners and play to develop their properties. The one with the highest net worth by the end of the game turns out to be the winner.

Money Lessons to Learn:

- Keeping cash on hand is important. Else, in emergencies, one may have to end up selling assets for low fares.

- Patience is important while dealing with money. Follow a game plan.

- Focus on the cash flow and consider it before buying or selling any asset.

- Spread investments across areas to increase the winning chance.

2. Cash Flow 101:

Theme: The game mimics the financial lives of people in general. The winner would be the one with the highest positive cash flow.

Money Lessons to Learn:

- Maintain low monthly expenses to create positive cash flow.

- Start with smaller deals, which generate passive income to accumulate more money in the long run.

3. Settlers of Catan:

Theme: The players of the game act as settlers developing resources and trading. The player who earns 10 victory points first is the winner.

Money Lessons to Learn:

- Analyze before you plan to proceed.

- Analysis helps take the maximum advantage of the resources.

- Be wise to occupy the best place before anyone does. Go with a strategy.

In simple, board games like these help children enjoy their playtime as well as learn crucial money lessons that are not taught in the classroom. This is the best way to get money management teachings closer to your little one. As a parent, employ similar financial planning and money management skills in life to secure your family’s financial future. Seek expert advice from advisories like ArthaYantra to efficiently achieve all the financial goals of life.

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