Forget the gym! This is what Shilpa, Kareena and Malaika do to stay slim and trim!

Ever wondered how Bollywood ladies, despite being mothers, manage to stay slim and trim? Well, we do accept that they have a lot of help and their diet is well managed. But, there is one more secret these divas swear by: Yoga! Yes, many Bollywood ladies are going the yoga way to get that hour glass figure and their svelte bodies are proof enough.

Here are mommies who swear by yoga to stay fit and fabulous!

Kareena Kapoor

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First on our list is the yummy mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan. From shedding her fat and getting into the size zero figure to slamming critics and shedding that post baby weight, Bebo made yoga her best friend through her journey. Apparently Bebo starts her day with 50 Surya namaskaras and 45 minutes of other asanas. Now, we know the hard work that goes behind that svelte body!

Shilpa Shetty

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Shilpa has been a fitness freak for a long time now and now the gorgeous mommy has taken her fitness fetish to a whole new level. Apart from swearing by yoga, Shilpa also has a website of her own, where she shares her fitness videos and healthy recipes. Well, that is some serious dedication right? Also, now we know how she managed to get back to her slim and trim self in no time even after delivery.

Malaika Arora Khan

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We don’t remember Malaika being fat ever and this probably is the secret! The gorgeous actress follows a strict exercise regime and is known to spend hours doing yoga. Well, the results are here for you to see!

Lara Dutta

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Another yoga lover, Lara Dutta also has CDs and DVDs to her credit. In fact, the actress also practiced yoga during her pregnancy, which apparently helped her bounce back to her pre-pregnancy body in no time.