Forget creams and beauty treatments! These ‘desi’ remedies will tighten your vagina in no time!

You sure have done your research, spoken to your mommy friends and family about labour, caring for your new born and of course postpartum. Well, but did you ever think about what will happen to your dear ‘lady parts’ after your push out your bundle of joy? Well, you sure know you will bleed, have stitches and even feel sore down there. But, that’s not all!

Your vagina loosens up during child birth and this becomes an ‘issue’ for most women later on. Although it is a little awkward and uncomfortable to discuss this, it definitely is a serious problem women face. Although women sometimes opt to undergo a vaginoplasty or a labiaplasty, there are some simple desi methods you can follow at home to tighten your vagina.

1.    Exercise your pelvic floor muscles

Like it or not, exercise is the simplest and best solution to a lot of issues, even loosening up your vagina. Kegels and pilates provides the body more elasticity, tightening the pelvic floor muscles. Yoga poses like the mountain pose and the standing forward pose also stretch the body, providing more elasticity. You can also try toning devices like the pelvic floor stimulator, Kegel exerciser, pelvic floor muscle toner or pelvic toner, pelvic floor toner, as well as pelvic floor exerciser. Your physiotherapist might also recommend barbells, vaginal weights or cones designed specifically to be held inside the vagina.

2.    Eat right

Eating right is important not just to keep your hips and thighs in shape but also to keep your vagina safe and secure. Incorporating green tea in your diet helps to keep vaginal infections at bay. The catechins present in green tea pass through the urinary tract and decrease the risk of overgrowth of bad bacteria.

Regularly eating probiotics such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso and tempeh can also keep your vagina healthy. They maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria. Also, organic tofu, edamame, or tempeh contain estrogen-mimicking plant compounds that are called isoflavins.

3.    Say yes to gooseberries

No, we don’t mean eat it! Boil some gooseberries in water, strain it and store the water in a bottle. Wash your vagina with this water when you take a shower. The solution helps to restore the suppleness and elasticity to your vagina in no time.

4.    Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a go-to for many beauty treatments and it is no different when it comes to vaginal tightening too. The gel helps to soothe vaginal dryness and other genital problems. Aloe Vera strengthens the muscles of the vagina. Apply gel while bathing and wash it off. 

5.    Have an orgasm

Last, but not the least, orgasm! Yes, you read it right! Having an orgasm causes your pelvic muscles to contract, thereby toning it. So, the more you orgasm, the more your pelvic muscles become stronger- BONUS!

And finally, does tightening improve your sex life?

The fact is only you can answer this question. Sex life is different for each person and so are sexual desires. If a tight vagina stimulates you and your partner better, then it has worked like magic for you. However, one thing that is clear is that orgasms are caused when sensitive areas of the vagina is rubbed against the penis. Loosening or tightening of the vagina is not a key criterion here. So, if you are worried about not being able to orgasm because your vagina loosened up, you need to stop right now.

Having said that, if you do like your vagina to be tight and intact there is nothing wrong about it. After all, love-making as well as feeling good about yourself depends on what you like.

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