Foods to AVOID giving your child before BEDTIME

Could something your kid is eating keep her awake at night? Take a look.

1. Foods that contain caffeine


Coffee is not the only beverage/food that contains caffeine.

It is present in tea, colas and in chocolate as well.

This is why it is best not to give your children large quantities of chocolate ice cream or chocolates as a desert after dinner time.

It will keep them awake! In fact experts suggest that they should steer clear from all caffeine products 4-6 hours before bedtime.

White chocolate however is said to contain quite low quantities of caffeine so it can be a SAFE chocolate-dessert.

Caffeine also acts as a diuretic, which means it promotes the production of urine.

So if you’re trying to potty-train and get rid of bed-wetting habits, it is another reason to stay away from caffeine.

2. Sugary desserts

Ice-cream as well as cookies, candy and other sugar-filled treats are also best to avoid for a couple of hours before bedtime.


This is because sugar contains so much energy so it will keep your child wide awake and quite active.

3. Overly Salty Foods

Eating a heavy, greasy and salt-fuelled dinner is also a no-no.


This is because such a heavy meal will mean that your child’s stomach will not be able to digest all that food before bedtime and will continue to work the system while he/she is trying to sleep.

4. Include Tryptophans

Include foods that are high in ‘tryptophan’ which helps promote sleep.

These include dairy products (this is why drinking a glass of warm milk to feel more sleepy is not an old wives tale!) bananas, honey and nuts.

So cut out the heavy meal and try to include the above, along with carbohydrates which help the tryptophan, and see if it helps your tot sleep better.

5. Red Meat

Eating red-meat such as pork, sausages, bacon or steak and other high-animal protein foods should be avoided since these foods are difficult to digest.

6. Broccoli and cauliflower


Although they are extremely healthy and provide your child’s body with the much needed roughage, it can also be counter-productive to eat too much of these kind of high-fibre foods before bedtime as they are slow to digest and keep the digestive system going even after bedtime.

7. Medicines that contain low levels of alcohol

If you’re giving your child over-the-counter drugs such as cough syrup at night, make sure the syrup does not contain alcohol and read the labels in general.

Not only is alcohol harmful to your child but it will also prevent a peaceful night’s sleep.

A better way is to go for natural home remedies at night (such as honey and pepper for a cough or steaming for a cold) and stay away from medicines unless it is prescribed or allowed by your child’s doctor.

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