Of tales, of travails of getting the kids to tuition

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Here’s the situation. It’s 5 pm. You’ve barely set foot in your house. You’re tackling pouring rain and fighting your relentless, bent-out-of-shape umbrella. Just then you realize that your teenager is waiting at the door with his shoes on, feet tapping restlessly and yelling at you, “Mom, you’re late. I need to be in class NOW.” Of course you knew you had to be home before 5 for a reason. To drive him to that calculus class. That is four kms away. In this peak hour traffic. In Bangalore. Let’s face it – before you make it, half the class will be over. And you’ll have yourself a soaking wet teenager who’s mad at you, a tutor who thinks you lack responsibility and a class that you paid through your nose for that’s going unattended. Besides that ugly cold you’ve caught, of course. Sounds familiar? Add to that, the class has 30+ students each that makes it no better than school. Why are you doing this anyway? Because your kid needs those extra hours working calculus. What if there was some other way? Anything that could make your lives easier? Sign me up now.Fortunately, there is. Enter flipClass – a Bangalore-based online portal that aims to connect parents with tutors for teaching their kids right in the safety and comfort of their home. Too good to be true? Here’s more. Parents can choose across syllabi for different grades, and choose between tutors who’ve been verified for their expertise by the company and psycho-metrically, based on their own personal criteria – gender, level of expertise, availability, proximity, among other things. Upon choosing a tutor, they can talk to the person on the phone to corroborate their requirements and sign up for a test class.


Registration costs Rs 1999 a year (this is waived for subsequent years if parents have signed on 100+ hours of tutoring in one academic year) and class costs vary. For example, an hour of class 10 mathematics costs Rs 330, and so on. Once the parents have signed up, they get a free demo class. Once everyone involved is satisfied, they can sign up for a set of classes (12/24/ etc) based on their requirements. If not, further free demo classes can be arranged with different tutors (a maximum of three, after which you’ll be required to pay for the demos).

The key benefits of signing up for home tutoring are immediately obvious – personalised attention because it’s one on one; there’s no travel or logistics involved on the part of the child -- it’s right in the comfort of your own home; it’s possible for parents to track the progress of their children using an online assessment system in the absence of the tutor. The analytics gather learning improvements of the student and present this data to the parents. It also highlights problem areas for the tutor to focus on and is based on an adaptive learning system called ReLeMo. This ensures that the time spent by parents tracking their children’s progress is slashed to as little as an hour a month.Founded by Vineet Dwivedi, 35, who is no stranger to eCommerce businesses, flipClass is already home to over 2500 students and 5000 tutors. What’s more, they’re always looking for more tutors. Find out more at flipClass.com and say goodbye to the jhanjhat, the traffic and the travails of taking your kids to their tuition classes. Tutors are but a click away.flipclass-08 (2)(This story was written in collaboration with flipclass.com