Five Wonder Books For Kids Under Five

Where a diamond can be a girls best friend, books remain to be the bestest friend for all – irrespective of the gender and age. Books entertain and they engage. We list down top five books for kids between 2-5 year olds. Choose your pick either for your little one or to gift a kids under five.

1. Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You!

Trish Rabe’s fantastic choice of words that rhyme effortlessly are action packed with subtle messages for kids for a healthier living – from the importance of brushing your teeth to ensuring you sleep well. Have been reading this to my little one since over a year now but she really shows no signs of resistance. Each time I read it for her, she thoroughly enjoys it.  In fact, it would be a great idea to check the other titles in the series as well.

2. Logic (Kumon Thinking Skills Workbook)
The Kumon series has been my life saviour. Each of the books from Kumon are thoughtfully designed to excite little minds. This particular book keeps them engaged in a creative way helping them understand the reason out things using ‘logic’. Too big a word for a five-year-old, isn’t it? But trust Kumon take care of it.

3. Creative Play for your Toddler
What better way to spend time with your child then to sit with her and engage in a creative activity. This book comes action packed with super creative to-do’s with your little one. Besides, the book takes you through stages of child growth, explaining how best you can nurture your little one’s creativity at each stage.

4. A Fish out of Water

A superb book your five year old will love to read. The three and four letter words that are used to talk about a boy who buys himself a fish and feeds him just a tad too much  that it has to be put in a community swimming pool is hilarious and meaningful at the same time. A great book to gift your little one once she picks up a fascination for joining alphabets to read.

5. Charlie and Lola: My Complete Best Story Collection

Charlie and Lola make ideal siblings. My little one loves them and I am sure they would be a hit with your kids as well. This book has easy to read five cherry picked stories. Your five-year-old too can try her hand at reading the stories on her own.

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