Five facts about second children

When Kate Middleton was due for her second baby in 2014, Helena Horton wrote an article for Mirror listing five characteristics of a second baby to try and predict what Charlotte would be like. I'm a second child, and I can tell you that I do relate to most of what she says! Think of our desi celebrities - Kareena Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan and Bobby Deol. Can you recognise these features in them? 
  1. Second-born children are more likely to be rebellious. Perhaps this means that the new baby will toe the line less than George is likely to. George also has more responsibility on his young shoulders as the first in line to the throne.
  2. Children who are born second are more likely to be competitive. Psychology Today suggests that this could be because they've always had a sibling to compare themselves to.
  3. Second born children are more likely to have better people skills. This could be why Prince Harry always finds himself at parties.
  4. Children born second are more likely to rely on friends more than family. suggests that this is because second children are likely to feel left out by their parents.
  5. Second-born children are more likely to be leaders and entrepreneurs. This rings true - Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates and Donald Trump were all second-born children.
Article source: mirror